Jun 6, 2015

Fed Up Challenge: Day Five

Four pm is the worst time of the day.  Dinner seems hours away and cookies beckon.  In short, I am hungry.  Didn't matter a whit today that I had eaten a healthy fiber full lunch.  I. was. hungry.  It's the first time since I started this little adventure that I was uncomfortably hungry.  Had 2 dates and a handful of almonds and just handled it.

So I got through Day Five.  A friend asked if I feel any different.  I am sleeping better, but it is hard to know if the lack of sugar is the reason.  I do not care why!  The other thing I notice is that almonds now taste slightly sweet.  Another friend asked me if I've lost any weight.  I'll wait until the end of the 10 day challenge to report any changes.

Thanks for the encouragement!  This is fun.


Starla said...

Good for you Joan! If you are craving something sweet, you can make a banana based ice cream (look for vegan ice cream on Pinterest. If you can't find one without sweetener, as some recipes do have added sweetener, let me know and I'll share some links). That witching hour can be HARD!!! stay strong! You are half way there!!

Joan B said...

Thanks Starla! I'll check it out. sounds yummy.

LauraJane:) said...

Drinking a hot cup of water and pretending its tea, gets me through that challenging hour:)
Best wishes on the remaining days.

Unknown said...

Did you finish the challenge

Joan B said...

Yes, I posted about the conclusion, which was good, later in my blog. Sorry about that!! You can find my thoughts at http://www.dearpaperlicious.com/2015/06/fed-up-challenge-beating-food-industry.html