Mar 31, 2017

What Feedly Knows About Susan

This morning I woke up to read this post from Simplicity's Susan Raihala. If you haven't read it already, go read it, and then come back here.

Thank you.

Right off the bat I have to tell you that Susan left out critical information in her post. I'd call her a politician, but that would be too horrible. But, before I explain, let me give you some background.

Susan and I go way back as crafty fellow bloggers. We read each others blogs and facebook posts and have connected on the internet the way some crafty folks do. I love her cards and her view on life. I got to meet Susan for lunch one day when she was visiting DC. It was so fun to finally connect in real life and confirm that she isn't some 11 year old sitting in his parent's basement assuming various online identities.

But, there's more. For some crazy reason, my feedly account on my phone defaults to Susan's blog, Simplicity. Whenever I click on feedly, the first thing I see is a random Simplicity post. It is never her most recent post, but an older one. I have no idea why feedly does this, but I am starting to wonder.

What does feedly know about Susan?

So, it's no surprise that when I woke up this morning, I read Susan's blog. I sort of have no choice, as feedly makes me! I was shocked to read that Susan was accusing me of enticing her to spend money on stamping. HA! I would never do such a thing. We all know that, despite claims from stamp companies that we will use their products "over and over," in fact we sometimes never use what we buy because they entice us with the next new thing before we can even get the last new thing out of its packaging. Therefore, when I told Susan during our phone call that I had items I hadn't used yet, that was my way of saying "do not ever buy anything ever again."

Is it my fault that Susan chose to misinterpret me?
I don't think so.

But the real outrage in Susan's blog post was the KEY FACT that she deliberately omitted. I hate when authors do that. They go on a tirade about something and leave out the most important thing, the thing that puts it all in perspective. They show pictures of awesome looking stamp purchases, but leave out critical information. They blame me for buying a set with an octopus in it when they have never had any interest in buying an octopus.

Susan is guilty, and she knows it, but she will never tell you that KEY FACT.

So I have to do it.

Susan left out that she is goodness on earth. She left out that the real reason we were talking on the phone was not to discuss stamping. She left out that she had reached out to me and gave me her phone number so that I could talk to her about my annoying, never ending, medical crap. So when I read her blog this morning, I remembered how much that conversation meant to me. It wasn't what she said during our chat, but the fact that she had reached out to me that mattered.

We all have tough moments in life. I know that every single person who reads this blog has had, or is having, some rough times, times that would sadden and surprise me if I knew about them. But I'm not giving out my phone number and encouraging you all to give me a call. I'm living my own life, wrapped up in my own stuff.

Not Susan.

Susan has her own life, but she reached out to me because she is a special person. Susan is the kind of person who takes the time to give a bit of herself to others, the kind of person who sets aside her own stuff to listen to your stuff.

Indeed, Susan is the kind of person whom even feedly knows is goodness on earth.

MOOD WHEN DONE = grateful

Mar 24, 2017

Using Older Sets and the Perfect Orange Ink

Don't know about you, but when I'm anxious I tend to spend money on stamps (and eat, but that's another story). Given all the health stuff going on, I've had a steady stream of packages coming (until the husband suggested I start trying to win contests instead of buying. HA!).

So, I decided it is time to put down the credit card and pick up some older sets and actually use them. These stamps are from a Hero Arts My Monthly Hero Kit from last summer. It is no longer available, but that's no reason not to use it. The sentiment is from Altenew's Halftone Circles. [By the way, I usually link to Ellen Hutson's shop because that is where I shop. However, of course all of these stamps are usually available at a variety of places.] Used Altenew inks -- Warm Sunshine, Buttercream, Mountain Mist, Lagoon, Emerald, Sun Kissed and Orange Cream.

Altenew's Orange Cream is the perfect true orange. I've looked all over and even had friends send me orange ink pads, but they all had a brown undertone or something that didn't ring true. I'm happy with Orange Cream. It's crazy how happy this made me.

Stamped on linen cardstock because I thought the texture showing through the ink would be fun. Added White Blizzard Nuvo Crystal Drops.

MOOD WHEN DONE = Wishing I was at the ocean....

Mar 22, 2017

Health Update

As you may recall from this post, I had a defibrillator (known as an ICD) implanted last September due to a recently diagnosed heart condition. In February it went off my mistake. My doc encouraged me to keep it on. A second doctor (the device doctor) wouldn't turn it back on as she said it would continue to shock me for no reason. She advised surgery to remove the old one and put it a new one.

After spending 7 million hours researching the issue, I remained convinced that my medical condition did not warrant an ICD.  So, my husband and I went up to Boston earlier this week and met with an internationally respected expert on my heart condition.

Bam!  I'm a medical genius, so of course he agreed with me, and said that I did not meet the criteria for having the ICD. In plain language, I didn't need it in the first place and there is no reason to return it back on or replace it at this time.

MOOD WHEN DONE = Let me know if you need a cardiologist. My fees are reasonable!

Mar 21, 2017

Take Joy

A sweet, simple, card to brighten someone's day.

Stamps are from Altenew's Beautiful You and the sentiment is from a Clear and Simple set called Butterfly Garden I.  Used Versafine Onyx and a few Zig Clean Color brush pens.

MOOD WHEN DONE = hanging in there!  I'll be back later in the week with an update on my visit to the specialist in Boston. Still processing!

Mar 18, 2017

Colored Background

Happy Saturday! Hope you are having a good weekend.  I started mine off by making this card.

I've seen a lot of cards lately with black and white flowers and a colored background. I tried making a background with Copics and found it difficult. Watercoloring the background turned out to be a lot easier, especially since I wanted the color darker on the top with a gradual fade.

I started this background with Inktense watercolor pencils on watercolor paper but quickly switched to Zig Clean Color markers (much better for this technique). Added a few "water drops" and a frame. No masking, just careful with the paint brush...

This card is going to my fantastic mother in law. I love how it turned out! 

Image and sentiment from Altenew's Best Mom.


Mar 17, 2017

Finally, Balloons!

I never make balloon cards, because the strings always mess me up. Decided to ignore the number of strings.  So, three balloons, one string?  Yes, it was the only way to make this fun, colorful, card work.

If you look closely at the balloons, you'll see that the paper is see through, which works great for balloons. It is from W R Memory Keepers Oh Goodie! Glassine Paper. Love the fun bold prints.

Stamped the scallops (think clouds) from Essentials by Ellen Wonky Backdrops with Altenew Sea Glass ink. The balloon stamp and die are from Essentials by Ellen Up the Happy. All images designed by Julie Ebersole. Balloon string hand drawn. Sentiment from an old Hero Arts messages set. Envelope from Paper Source.

MOOD WHEN DONE = Well, happy!  (BTW, my medical appointment in Boston was rescheduled because of the snow.  I'll be there next week, I hope!)

Mar 10, 2017


Thought it would be interesting to make the same layout with opposite colors.  They use Altenew's Botanical Garden.  Not sure where the sentiments are from.

White card:  Stamped on Strathmore Bristol paper and used Zig Clean Color markers to add some color.  Tried my hand at a thread nest.  WHY?

Pink card:  Stamped same flower on same paper and colored around it, first Zig Clean Color marker and then, after it dried, with a Copic.  See that black under the sentiment?  It's glitter paper.

MOOD WHEN DONE =  Happy. Going up to Boston next week for a second opinion on my health issues. I'm grateful I can do this and that I got a quick appointment with a top notch expert.

Mar 8, 2017

A Card With A High Intersection Score

When I was in high school, some outside group came in and gave us a reading test. It measured speed and comprehension.  If someone didn't do well, their parents were encouraged to sign them up for some type of extra help from the outside group.  I think it might have been a scam.  In any event, I did fine, thank you very much.  In fact, I had the highest intersection score, meaning my combination of speed and comprehension was the best.  Others were faster, and others had higher comprehension scores, but apparently I could skim and understand enough to get by.  This talent has proved to be no talent at all, as skimming is dangerous when you are practicing law.

In any event, this card has a high intersection score.  Although there are cards that are faster to make and are prettier, this one was quick to make and is pretty.

Gold embossed the bouquet from Altenew's Celebration set and a sentiment from Tiny Sentiments by Right at Home.  A quick watercolor wash, some gold ribbon, and the card was done.  To make sure it was good and flat, I ran it through my Big Shot before I put on the ribbon.

MOOD WHEN DONE = Happy!  Hope you are too.

Mar 3, 2017

hi, there or hi there?

Used the same paper that I watercolored, and used here, to cover the front of this card. Stamped the circles from Essentials by Ellen by Julie Wonky Backdrops (currently sold out).  Added some silver foil to the centers of the circles.  Makes a nice all-purpose card.  The yellow envelope will brighten someone's mail!

The sentiment. Do we want the comma? I think I prefer no comma and am debating sentiment surgery.  Opinions?

MOOD WHEN DONE = Just fine!

Mar 1, 2017

Need a Hug?

Love everything about this sentiment from You Are My Fave by The Stamp Market.

Watercolored green, yellow, and blue circles onto Bristol Paper and die cut with the largest of the Essentials by Ellen Folk Heart dies.

The Bristol paper is a bright white and can handle light watercoloring without warping too much. Works very well with the Kuretake Zig Clean Cut markers that I used to make the circles.  Added the sentiment and a little white twine bow and adhered to a pale blue card.

MOOD WHEN DONE = Having an excellent day!  Hope you are too.