Oct 16, 2022

Nordic Ornaments and a Life Update

 I've made several cards using a new set of dies called Nordic Ornaments by Spellbinders. I just love these dies. They make using color so fun. Have a few more ideas on how to use these, but I haven't had time to stamp! Hopefully that changes soon. I also used a couple of other Spellbinder products (flower dies) to mix things up. 

Disclosure: Spellbinders sent these dies to me. 


Update: We moved last week - 5 minutes from our apartment. It's our 3rd move in 4 years and we both are done with moving! It's going to take a few weeks to settle in here but it's starting to take shape. We have a couple of more rooms than our apartment had and it feels good to spread out a bit. While it's nice to have more space, we moved because the apartment was too expensive - we were anticipating a large rent increase and decided we would be better off owning.  

I have a craft space again and am happy about that. When we were living in the apartment I was crafting in the living room and the (huge) kitchen island. That island was great but it meant dragging out all my supplies to make a card and then putting them all back. I ended up doing that several times a day and it got a bit old. So, I now have a space at the top of the stairs, I guess you call it a loft. I'm happy with it because there are 2 big windows providing a lot of light. It's got a couple of big bookcases, and old kitchen table, my craft tables, and a counter height folding table. So it has a bit of a used furniture store look, but I think it will be very functional. Now I just have to unpack. 

It's been close to a month since I've done any crafting and wow do I miss it. It really is a stress reliever. Hobbies are the best!