May 16, 2022

Personalized Baby Card


Babies are the perfect occasion for a personalized card. Actually, they are just a perfect occasion period! My friends have a new granddaughter. Isn't the name Coco just darling?

Pinkfresh Studio cover plate die combined with Honey Bee Stamps number and alphabet dies. Sentiment strip from CZ Design and available at Simon Says Stamp. The name and birth date are stacked up for some dimension. Makes a huge difference. 

MOOD WHEN DONE: Good. And bonus points for actually mailing this!

May 14, 2022

Introducing Spellbinders Stitched Alphabet

Got an email a few weeks ago from Spellbinders asking me to help introduce a new collection - Stitched Alphabet - that hits their store today, May 14th. I was so surprised as it came out of nowhere.

Design work makes me very anxious. I second guess everything I make, and honestly, the cards I make "on demand" tend to not be ones I like. But, I've decided to try and tackle that anxiety. So - here's a card using "U"  from the Stitched Alphabet collection. 

I chose not to stitch the letters, but I'll be sharing another card in a few days with some stitching. I added some die cut flowers and greenery from Spellbinders Simply Perfect Layered Blooms Etched Dies and a sentiment that Spellbinders donated to a Crop & Create virtual event that I attended a few months ago. 

NOTE: Spellbinders provided me with a few letters from the Stitched Alphabet set. I provided everything else!

MOOD WHEN DONE: I did it! It's a good feeling. 

May 8, 2022

Catching Up

 Here are a few cards that I've made over the past few weeks. 

1. Using Simon Says Stamp Beautiful Waves background and their Geometric Builder Square dies. 

2. Uses a set from Colorado Craft Company, the proceeds of which are going to Yana Smakula's efforts to help supply the Ukrainian army with non weapon supplies. For more information on this amazing work, check out Free Ukraine 2022.

3. Those cute lemon slices are from InkBlot Shop

4.  Paired a Spellbinders embossing folder with a sentiment from InkBlot Shop and a pretty image from Pinkfresh Studio. 

That's it!

MOOD WHEN DONE: Good and I hope you are doing well. 

Apr 11, 2022

Mixing Metals

I seem to recall that, along with wearing white between Labor Day and Memorial Day, mixing gold with silver is a design crime. Now I see it in kitchen and bath design and decided to give it a try.

This card mixes silver foiling on the background with gold foiling on the birds and branches as well as the sentiment. 

The bird and branches were left over from the last card I posted and use Pinkfresh Studio Songbirds on Branches hot foil plate, die, and stencils. The background is also from PFS and is called Geo Tiles Hot Foil plate. 

MOOD WHEN DONE: Honestly, part of me is struggling to post cards, as I -- like any decent person -- am heartbroken over the evil happening in Ukraine. 

Every time I see an older woman from Ukraine on the news, she reminds me of my grandmother and her sisters, all of whom came to the US from the Western part of Ukraine or Poland. We never knew for sure, as they didn't talk about the past much. My mom grew up speaking Ukrainian at home but thought of herself as Polish-American. Who knows? That area has been a battleground for a very long time, thanks to an aggressive Russia.

Or I think of my girlfriend's parents, who are now in their 90s, who walked out of Ukraine after WWII to the coast of Europe to get on a ship to the US as refugees. They are the most delightful, strong people I know -- they never learned to drive and continued to walk everywhere (in Minneapolis)! They got through so much, including the worst of the Covid years, only to watch this happen in Ukraine. Again. 

And then I think of Yana Smakula, the most talented and strong stamper I know (the way we "know" each other online), crafting from Ukraine. She makes the evil real and personal and not just a news story. I think of her all the time. 

So I guess If Yana can continue to post cards, we all can take refuge in the hobby and continue to share it. 

Apr 9, 2022


Was super lucky and won the entire February release from Pinkfresh Studios. 

Made this with the suite of products called Songbird on Branches -- hot foil plate, die, and stencils.  Sentiment uses a sentiment hot foil plate from Spellbinders.

Now I have a huge pile of unused products. No complaints here!


Mar 29, 2022

Happy Birthday With Things I Don't Do


A fun birthday card inspired by a card Yana Smakula made. It contains things I usually don't do:

1. Color images (I pretty much gave that up a couple of years ago.)

2. Use cool colors. Give me red, pink, yellow, etc. and I am so much happier.

3. Put a sentiment on the bottom directly on the paper. I'm liking this more and more and will do it again. 

4. Using a balloon design. I love balloons but they don't like me. Many a piece of cardstock died in my battle with balloons. 

Little images from Lawn Fawn. Sentiment from My Favorite Things. 


Mar 27, 2022

Organic Fruits


I think my favorite product from 2021 is Organic Fruits by Simon Says Stamp (no longer available!!). I have the die, stencil, and stamp, and use them frequently. This time I only used the stamp and die and colored by applying ink pads directly to cardstock and then stamping and die cutting. Fun.  I colored the card base the same way, be sure to leave some white. As much as I love color, too much can strangle a design. 

And since I had the set out, I decided to make a card using the pear design. This one also uses some patterned paper by Honey Bee stamps. Sentiment and heart from The Stamp Market.

MOOD WHEN DONE: Enjoyed making these cards. Hope you are well!

Mar 7, 2022

Inspired by Marimekko

 You remember Marimekko? It was ALL THE RAGE in the 60s and 60s. I'm on the Ellen Hutson blog talking about Marimekko-inspired cards. I hope you check it out. 

Here's a snippet of one of the cards featured. 


Mar 4, 2022

Ellen Hutson Spring Release

 I'm back with a couple of cards, and some links to share. Everything is available at Ellen Hutson. I don't do affiliate linking myself, but I try and support fellow crafters by using their links. All of these products were designed by Julie Ebersole, so I invite you to consider using her affiliate links. And, wow, her blog post today is packed with inspiration. 

Abstract Flower

Using just one stamp from the new Abstract Nature set, I created my own version of an abstract flower. I purposely did not line it up or even use the MISTI (what??). I wanted the wonky uneven look that I got. I lined up some post it tape to make space for a "stem" and inked the opening. 

Xanax Card

Crafting has been a great way to cope with the sadness and fury of the past few weeks. This particular card says it all! The Casual Taglines set has this great Xanax sentiment. It. Just. Works. Paired it with the fun new Classic Block Numbers & Symbols and the little bottles from Bear Ware Dress Up 1

As I said before, I hope to be blogging more regularly. I have a few things I'm itching to share! 


Mar 3, 2022

Ellen Hutson Spring Release Cards!

Well, lucky me, I am guest designing for Ellen Hutson for their spring release -- all available Friday, March 4th. 

A "Groovy" Card

Uses the Casual Greetings stamp and a sentiment from Casual Taglines. Love the psychedelic look from the 60s! 

A 6th Birthday Bear

Uses the older Bear Wear Grand Tour with a Hot Foil Stamp version of Casual Greetings and the new Classic Block Numbers & Symbols. 

Still The One

Our 32nd anniversary is coming up next week and I had fun putting this together with the previously released Class Block Alphabet paired with the new Numbers & Symbols.

More tomorrow! Thanks for dropping by. 

MOOD WHEN DONE: Personally, doing great. Like all decent people, though, I am heartbroken by the scenes from Ukraine. 

Jan 7, 2022

Stencils: Cheap and Easy!!


Made this with a popsicle stencil! 

Love how relatively inexpensive stencils are. They are versatile and easy to store. Now that I'm stamping in a corner of my living room, space is a huge consideration. 

BTW: If you want to make a geometric style card, I strongly recommend using grid paper. That way you can count the squares and move the stencil the exact distance repeatedly. Kind of like using a MISTI to stamp. 

Stencil is Anything's Popsicle by Taylored Expressions

Sentiment is from Rainbow of Happiness by The Stamp Market.

MOOD WHEN DONE: delighted by your comments on my earlier post. Who knows, maybe I will blog regularly again. I've missed you! 

Jan 5, 2022

Hello 2022!

It's already a crazy year and we are on day 5. Yikes. 

In any event, I hope 2022 treats you well. 

Life Update! 

Moved Again

It's been a little more than 3 years since we moved to Dallas. This summer, after we woke up from what I call our covid stupor (sitting in the house for over a year), we looked around and decided it was time for a change. So we sold our house. It was a blur of cleaning, packing, etc. -- 6 days from selecting a realtor to a contract!

In October we moved into an apartment about 20 miles north of Dallas in Plano. It's starting to feel right. I never have a good answer when folks ask why we moved. I think we were restless and wanted a smaller place, at least for now. 

It's a 2 bedroom apartment up on the 13th floor. I craft in a small section of our living area. It is surrounded by tall windows and bathed in light. It's a lot different from what I'm used to, but I think it is going to work. If nothing else, I'm forced to put everything away every day. 


I started an online graduate public health program in August - it's 5 courses. I wanted to get my masters degree in public health, but the cost - $75K - put an end to that plan. I've taken the first 2 courses and so far it's interesting, but I have to admit that I hate assignments. I guess I'm not cut out for higher education anymore.  


I got an email asking me if I planned on finishing Stamping Destroyed My Life. Right now, the answer is no. I tried updating it a few months ago, but the passion was gone. It was work instead of fun, so for now it is a masterpiece unfinished (HA).

And here are a few cards.

If you want to see more of my cardmaking, please check out my Instagram account. Thanks!

MOOD WHEN DONE: Good! I hope to blog again soon.