Jun 4, 2015

Fed Up Challenge Day Three (at the Gift Shop)

Day Three of the Fed Up Challenge was also the first day of my volunteering at a local hospital's gift shop.  So I spent today selling, among other things, candy bars and cheddar cheese potato chips. 

LOVED the gift shop scene -- enough chit chat to keep me happy, the money raised goes to a good cause, and it exercises my body (standing and walking) as well as my brain. 

Oh, the irony of selling all that sugar to people on the third day of my not eating sugar.  I looked at the buyers and felt bad for them, like I'm better than they are because I've had no sugar for 3 days....

I am on board with this challenge, particularly since I watched Fed Up the movie.

This movie lays out the physiological and political reasons why we are in the obesity health disaster that we are in -- including the fact that many "thin" people are "fat inside".  Fascinating stuff.   It makes the argument that a calorie is not a calorie and that traditional diet and exercise is doomed to fail.  It made sense to me, but I am sort of ignorant on this topic. 

It cost $3.99 to rent the movie on Amazon and I watched it on my laptop while I chopped brocolli and other foods for dinner.  You can also buy the DVD or access it in other ways.   I recommend it. 

I know I can do the 10 days.  The issue is can I make this a life thing?  I do not know.  Just looking at the picture of Snickers gets my brain on fire...


Lisa Silver said...

I'm funny about candy... if I don't have it in the house or see it, I'm fine without it. But having that Snickers appear in my Bloglovin' roll and reading about it has me craving it.

But without a doubt, my downfall is ice cream in any form. I'd maim for it. ;)

I need to challenge myself to cut out sugar for 10 days to see if I can break some of my habits. Thanks for inspiring me!

Joan B said...

sugar is everywhere! I find this experiment fascinating. If you decide to do it keep me posted!

Leslie Miller said...

I'll look for this movie. I've watched several of this sort. Thanks for the recommendation.