Nov 25, 2016


Used the rim of a glass to draw a couple of circles, hand drew the rest, and got to town watercoloring with Derwent watercolor pencils.

Three ornaments would be more pleasing to the eye, and a sentiment would be nice, but this was just about the relaxing challenge of watercoloring, of making something that's going nowhere, for no reason other than it felt good to make it.


Nov 2, 2016

Thank You

Just a quick, but very sincere, thank you -- I very much appreciate all the comments left on my last two blog posts.  In addition to those comments, I've received emails and cards (and flowers and fruit, etc).  Made this card a while ago and thought I'd share (sorry for the photo quality).

I also thought I'd provide an update on how I am doing.

Pretty much over the surgery to implant the cardiac defibrillator and I'm trying to adjust to it. I no longer burst into tears at the idea of it going off.  In fact, I double dog dared it to go off and it didn't, so it clearly is afraid of me.


Mike and I are doing a bit of traveling here and there, so that provides lots of opportunities for me to get some exercise by walking.  As long as I take it easy, I can walk without getting short of breath most of the time and that makes me happy!

Hope you have some happiness too.