Jun 3, 2015

Fed Up Challenge Day Two -- and a Card

First, the Fed Up Challenge Day 2 -- 

Ate yogurt, fruit, veggies, olive oil, baba ghanoush, some really weird whole wheat bread/sawdust, cheese, almonds, and water!  

Have not experienced food cravings, sugar cravings, or a whole lot of hunger.  I like this food and don't really miss the sweets/carbs.  I have no idea why!!  It may just be the novelty of a new thing.  Let's see how tomorrow goes. 


And now the card.


  • linen cardstock
  • ink in 3 colors -- dye ink works best when overlapping colors.
  • Circle stamps.  I used Hero Arts Brush Strokes (this one has a fun crosshatch design and is irregular, which make it more interesting)
  • Sentiment stamp.  I used Simon Says Stamp Sending Happy Thoughts. 

1.  Make A2 card.
2.  Stamp sentiment first.  
3.  Stamp the set of 3 circles in a triangle pattern.  Stamp off a few times to create a paler color.
4.  Stamp the single circles as shown.



I Card Everyone said...

I'm cheering for you, Joan! and for this card!
=] M

Erica said...

You just wait Joan. :)
Love the card

Joan B said...


Joan B said...


Leslie Miller said...

A very fresh, pretty, and colorful card! I like your realistic expectations and approach to this 10 day challenge. I'm not so sure I could be quite as pure as you. You're doing great so far!