Sep 14, 2020

A few cards

I've been posting on Instagram and enjoying it quite a bit. It's a great community of crafters. Here's a sample of what I've been making. (To be honest, I forgot to save pictures of most of my cards!). 

As you can see, I'm focusing on colors and shapes. It's fun!

MOOD WHEN DONE: Fine! I'm going to make an effort to post more on the blog so stay tuned.

I hope those of you affected by the fires, hurricanes, and COVID are doing well. 2020 is one hot mess, that's for sure! We combine gratitude with concern. Have to relearn that lesson every day!

Jul 24, 2020

Summer Break Time

I'll be posting my cards on Instagram. However, for those of you who don't want to go to IG, I'll come back here about once a month and post a round up of my cards. 

My IG account is HERE.

Thanks, and hope summer is kind to you and your family!!

Jul 23, 2020

Merimekko Style and Some Tips

Merimekko was huge in the 70s -- fabric, dinnerware, bedding -- I loved the big bold bright patterns. I googled to see if the company is still in business, and yes it certainly is. Now I want to buy something with one of those patterns!

In the meantime, I made this card, hoping to emulate the feel of those designs. I don't have Scandinavian style stamps to get the look I wanted, so I used this beautiful large solid flower from Watercolor Bouquet from The Stamp Market. Added a black dot image from Flora & Fauna. The sentiment is All Lined Up from The Stamp Market.

Inks: Blueprint Sketch and Lemonade Distress Oxide, Versafine Onyx, and Versamark.

If you like this look (it's not for everyone, but I love it), here are a few tips.

1. Merimekko is usually: 1. one big bright color + 2. a smaller bright color + 3. black + 4. white.
2. Think ahead about the sentiment. You don't want to cover up that smaller bright color. 
3. Unless you have a stamp set with the perfect coordinating stamp, finding a way to incorporate black can be tricky. Again, think ahead.
4. Repeatedly stamping a large image requires patience. I wanted a solid image and I knew I could get that with the MISTI, but I was careful to clean and dry the stamp before I moved it. Otherwise, as soon as I put the stamp on the paper I wouldn't be able to move it as the ink would transfer. All that moving and cleaning means your hands will get dirty. Wash them while you are stamping or you'll ruin the panel (expert on this one!!).
5. Enjoy! Using Distress Oxide inks or other pigment type inks is a sure fire way to get a solid image. However, repeatedly stamping with dye inks can work too. I stamped twice each time with the Blueprint Sketch ink and got a great result.
6. If all this rich color isn't your thing, try colors you like. I think this would look great with pale pink instead of bright blue. 

MOOD WHEN DONE: Happy!! And I hope you are too.

Jul 22, 2020

Missing Us

Oh yes I do. I miss seeing people!!

Pulled out an older heart stamp from The Stamp Market and used my new Concord & 9th inks -- Honeysuckle and Aqua Sky. Because this is large image, I stamped them 3 times and the color darkened quite a bit. Drew a black line around the insides of the hearts because the 2 hearts looked like they needed something. 

Sentiment is from a CZ Design sentiment strip available at Simon Says. And that little heart? I wandered around my craft room looking at embellishments and decided to look for a tiny stamp -- this is from an old Hero Arts ice cream cone set.

Speaking of which, an ice cream cone would be awesome! 

MOOD WHEN DONE:  Great! Hope all is well in your life.

Jul 21, 2020

Won't You Be My Neighbor?

Got my hands on the new Concord&9th inks and decided to use them right away. I bought the ink cubes. They are foam and all I've done with them so far is make this card by rubbing the inks on a plastic sheet and lightly watercoloring. LOVE these colors. I hope to swatch and talk about them after I've had more experience with them. I haven't used foam ink pads and already I can see how different they are. Stay tuned! 

Used this great set called City Stacks, also from Concord&9th. I've wanted this for a while and was so happy when it arrived! (It's the little things.) I skipped the coordinating dies. Dies are so pricey that I only get them now when I think I would use them a lot

MOOD WHEN DONE: Good! Yesterday was a washout as I wasn't feeling great but all that's behind me and I am so happy to be back in my stamp room. Amazing how much this hobby helps!