Jun 5, 2015

Fed Up Challenge: Day Four

We live in one of those "walkable" neighborhoods -- suburban but built to encourage folks to walk around and buy and eat.   Today, walking to the dry cleaners, I had my choice of about 20 restaurants, not including the Starbucks, "counter stuff" at Target, gelato, ice cream, chocolate, and pastry shops.   There's sugar and simple carbs every 35 feet.

Looking at folks entering the burger joint, I shake my head -- stop, death is beyond that door!  Milk shakes -- listen, you are killing yourself and your kids!!  Don't get that Pad Thai, it's full of sugar and white flour!  Run.  Save your life.  Now. Before you end up LIKE ME. 

Man, I miss that stuff.  I'd almost trade all my distress inks for a bowl of mac and cheese.  Almost.

I escaped with nothing!  (Helps to bring no money).

Day Four concludes and I'm still Fed Up with sugar and simple carbs.  Not an ounce has passed my lips and I'm in danger of becoming one of my least favorite types of people -- a zealot.  I swear that once the 10 day challenge is done, my blog will not be full of holier than thou anti sugar posts.   Either I'll keep it up and shut up about it, or I'll be back eating the crack. 

Note to self -- promised to make Mike's fave Brownie Cheesecake for him.  ARRGH. 


Anonymous said...

Go, Joan, Go! You have really inspired me with your participation in the Fed Up Challenge. I can tell you all the nutritional facts for everything I put in my mouth...too bad that knowledge doesn't always translate into me making healthy choices.

Sonia said...

Good for you, Joan! Keep it up! Been trying to control my sugar intake but am struggling. You're inspiring me to try again!

Carol Cel said...

I admire your stick-to-it-ness. And know (wish) I could do it too -- hopefully I will soon -- my semi-annual trip to the dr next week, may send me right back to your blog.
But for right now, I really want to know where you live so I can stop into all those food stores!! Kidding, but not!

Joan B said...

Ha! Good luck at the doctor's. I live in a neighborhood in Northern VA that was built about 3 years ago. They knocked down an old movie theater and scrap yard and built it up with housing and retail and commercial stuff all mixed together. They are building more and more of these types of neighborhoods. We love just seeing people all around!

Sabrina said...

Now that IS love - making a cheesecake that you can't eat. Yep, no money is an easy way not to buy...or it used to be. Do some places not take money from your phone these days?

Joan B said...

I don't use my phone for purchases!

Leslie Miller said...

You go, Joan. It will help to get it all out of your system. We store sugar in our red blood cells and can get overloaded. You will feel better, I know. I couldn't stick to it faithfully or zealously, but I do lay off now and then and I do feel better.