Jun 10, 2020

Simple, Go-to Layout

Stamp an image (or part of an image) on the top and bottom of a card + a sentiment in the middle = my favorite, simple, go-to layout. Works every time.

Used the Hero Arts/Gina K Designs Friendship Blooms set that I used in this post. Using the MISTI, stamped with pale yellow ink, and then partially inked the image with darker shades of yellow for a quick gradient look. Added a sentiment from Right at Home Stamps and a few clear jewels.

Seriously a one layer, 10 minute card.

MOOD WHEN DONE:  I really like how this turned out.

But, I'm moody. Most of the time I'm filled with gratitude and calm. Every few days I flip out for about a half hour. It feels "impossible" to basically stay inside until there is a vaccine; the country is spinning out of control, etc.; Coca Cola stopped making Fresca during the pandemic (!!!). Then I get a grip, grow up again, and go back to being fine. How are you?


Betty said...

love this design and that is such a pretty stamp to use - one of my favorites. every once and a while i get in the same mood as you - fortunately it doesn't last long - hang in there!

I Card Everyone said...

hello, lovely card! I adore these shadow sentiment dies, Joan!
I'm moody, too … but my mood was lifted, and joy-filled, last evening when we welcomed [with real live hugs] my daughter and her family into our home last night for the first time since March!!]

Julie said...

Well, Miss Moody, that's one of my favorite layouts, too! This is a gorgeous, clean and simple design! A little freak out every now and then means you're human. Because I work from home, and am very much a hone-body anyway, the Pandemic has not been too much of an issue. However, having the Mister underfoot during my work day has greatly hampered my work flow and productivity. 😐 🤷🏻‍♀️ That said, I'm grateful every minute that all my family are healthy and appreciate being able to FaceTime them until that day when I can safely wrap 'em up in mondo squishy hugs!

Lisa said...

Love this card and design, but one layer cards are beyond me. I try and then cut it down and add a layer. Every. single. time. I don't have too many freak outs b/c I love staying home, but my husband & I both work from home. Little did I know that he yaks all day. Like Julie, he cuts into my productivity. Who knew?!? 🙄. And, just like your Fresca, Minutemaid stopped making light lemonade. I'm so sad. As long as your freak outs don't last too long, I think it's perfectly normal and we're all entitled with all the crazy going on right now. Wallow in it, enjoy it, and then move on.🙂

Jeanne H said...

Your colors of yellow and these lovely flowers have made your card so beautiful. Super well done. Take good care of you and beat up a pillow if need be. I do. :-)

Beth said...

Beautiful card. The longer I stamp, the more I am drawn to white space and less busy. I bounce from this is the new normal to freak out to angry at losing the freedom to travel to guilt about not really being affected by pandemic or riots.

Leslie Miller said...

If it's not broken, don't fix it. It's a good layout and everyone needs a go to. I have them. Nice card. I'm fine. Some things are bothering me, but it mostly has to do with blogging and social media. Would love a road trip, but looks like that's not going to happen. I keep saying we're not getting any younger. Will both of us even be here next summer? You can imagine where my mind goes with that.