Jun 19, 2020

Mondo Yellow Daisy

Outline flowers, like this awesome Mondo Gerbera Daisy by Julie Ebersole,  pairs nicely with this gorgeous yellow cardstock (Daffodil Delight by Stampin Up).  Perfect if you don't like to color or just want a change.

BTW, thanks so much for the thoughts on placing sentiments. I think this sentiment (such a nice saying) works great right where it is.


My long running insomnia is having a field day during this pandemic. On the other hand, it's leftovers tonight so I should just rejoice!

Speaking of rejoicing, a company is testing out a new drug for my heart condition. I tried to be part of the clinical trial but I didn't meet the criteria. The company released the first data on the efficacy and safety of the drug and so far the results are very promising. The amount of people tested was quite small (because the criteria bumped out a lot of us) so that is always a reason to be cautious, but I am very encouraged that some day there might be a drug that helps people with hypertrophic cardiomyopathy.

The test now goes into Phase 3 and then, if the results continue to be good, the drug would go to the FDA for approval. Even if I'm too old to benefit (I have no idea) I want to see others benefit, so I remain very hopeful.


Anonymous said...

Did you use white embossing powder on this flower?
Sorry you couldn't be a part of the study, and I laughed at the too old! Faye

Vikki H said...

Funny how yellow which is not in my closet makes me feel so happy when seeing it on a card! This is a card to put on repeat. BTW I shopped at a Portland Target today for the first time in months and they had Fresca. 😉

I Card Everyone said...

Embossing this beauty on yellow cardstock was one of your nicest [design] thoughts, Joan! So cheerful!
p.s. you are not old. you are not old. you are NOT old!

Dorie said...

Sending good thoughts about the drug trial. You never know what happens down the road so keep the faith!

Love the card, I don't use yellow very often but seeing the last few you made, that's going to change.

Leftovers here, too. Gives me more time to play with paper. It's hot here today so staying in the A/C and being cool. Yah, I'm cool! LOL!