Jun 18, 2020

Hello, Hello, Hello

Love that yellow, but decided to mix it up a bit.

And then I went back to one color. I think I prefer the one color cards.

No stamping and lots of patterned paper. So not me, but a welcome diversion. This paper is from Stampin Up Brights Designer Series Paper -- love that fun woodgrain.

The Hello Outline die is from Poppystamps. Little heart stickers from somewhere a long time ago!

I need to get back to flowers!

MOOD WHEN DONE: Great. I'll pop these in the mail soon and hopefully a few people will enjoy them.

Since it's June and I'm still very interested in legal developments, I'm reading all the big Supreme Court cases. Interesting stuff. If you ever want to read up on these cases, the best (nonpartisan) place is Scotusblog

Making cannoli this weekend! Hope my version is half way as good as the pastry I grew up eating. YUM.

And, since I'm rambling all over the place -- might as well make this a soap box. As long as some folks in Dallas refuse to wear masks, we remain hunkered down in our home, with minor exceptions. It baffles and maddens me, but it is what it is. So,


Leslie Miller said...

So cute! Much as I love patterned paper, I'm particularly fond of the colorful "hello" with white base and those darling hearts. Life as Rich and I know it is on hold as long as people are being thoughtless and uncaring about the people around them. It's infuriating.

Hannelie said...

OH that yellow !!!

cheryl l. said...

I LOVE these cards! The red one is my favorite. And I am with you on the mask wearing thing...I hate wearing them, but it's so darn important.

I Card Everyone said...

You get up on that Soapbox and tell it, Sister!
I totally agree with everything you've said today... including your recommendation - looking forward to my next SU buy!
Darling HELLO cards, Joan!

Anonymous said...

Soapbox saga here too...because the other grandparents wouldn't social distance and wouldn't wear masks we have to go 2 weeks without seeing our grandchildren! We stay mostly self-isolated so we are able to help our daughter's family...the other grandparents, don't live near enough to help or care.
Liked the DP usage...love DP, ribbon, rhinestone and a sentiment, I need nothing more! Faye

Lezlee said...

Thanks for the tip on Scotusblog! My dgtr wants to be a lawyer when she grows up. ❤ Appreciate the resource & emphasis on nonpartisan!

Lezlee said...

Thanks for the tip on Scotusblog! My dgtr wants to be a lawyer when she grows up. ❤ Appreciate the resource & emphasis on nonpartisan!

Carol Cel said...

Love the cards -- love the soapbox.
I spotted my local house of representative (Lee Zeldin) at the Trump really last night, WITHOUT a MASK! I sent him an email and told him not he was really inconsiderate, and shouldn't come back to NY. We are just getting over the worst now.
Government officials should be setting examples.
Ok, thanks for letting me share my soap box.
Feel free to delete my comment, if I've overstepped. I just needed to vent.

Karen Page said...

I'm really behind in my visiting blogs and I'm not commenting on most because they are now old posts, but I wanted to pop in here to give you something to consider. It is easy to jump to the conclusion that people who do not wear masks out and about are all insensitive, inconsiderate idiots who are spreading disease. A quite search shows that 108K people in Dallas alone tested positive for Covid thus far. These people no longer need to wear masks as they are no threat to you. I had Covid in February and have a positive antibody test to prove it. I do not wear a mask in public. I'm eager to return to normalcy and I pose no threat to others. I do feel like I need a t-shirt that says "I survived Covid-19 and all I got was this lousy t-shirt". Maybe then people who jump to the conclusion that I'm an A-hole would stop giving me dirty looks. Consider that you are looking at survivors the next time you get upset with the unmasked. I'm 49 years old, with an autoimmune disease, and I had pneumonia for weeks. It kicked my butt. Pneumonia is no joke, and I do consider myself a proud survivor.