Apr 23, 2020

Making the Best

A cable station is playing the entire season of ER, ** and Mike and I are recording it. We watch one (or two) episodes a day. A few days ago, a sweet nurse sang a portion of this song at the funeral of a young man. The wrenching melody and the words resonated with this season we are all in.

Am looking forward to the days when we all look back and can say good riddance to this time. In the meantime, hoping to live now in a manner that I won't regret when I look back. Some days I think I meet this test; others not so much.

How are you doing??

** ER puts the current medical shows on TV to shame! I'd forgotten how good it is.


Betty said...

wonderful quote, Joan - I'm watching oldies too on my laptop as I don't have TV service - doing ok - enjoying lovely spring weather - everything starting to bloom and I am sneezing - making cards - some days the mojo is better than others - life is good - take good care of yourself - hugs!

Diana K said...

I never watched ER and yet I love medical shows. Hmmm ... surely it can’t be better than The Good Doctor. 🙄🙃 P.S. I can suddenly post comments on my iPad. It’s a good day.

Vikki H said...

We watched every ER show and cried many a tear over some. Our oldest son took medicine and determined to be an ER doc due to the show. (instead became an anesthesiologist) In retirement I've often wondered what day is it but now it seems like the weeks drag on and on. So thankful for laptops, internet and FaceTime.

Leslie Miller said...

That song makes me want to cry. Having worked over 30 years in a medical lab I could never get into medical shows, but I never watched ER. I'll have to look it up and give it a try. Thanks, Joan!

Fort Bend Democrats said...

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