Apr 10, 2020

Manor Born

My friend, Pam, lives nearby and does AMAZING papercrafting. Plus, she actually sends cards all the time! 

Here's a mini Bardee Manor that she made me last week. I got a text telling me that she was dropping off something and would text me when she left. Like a drug drop!! HA.

Isn't this amazing? My husband and son were impressed -- I think they may have suggested I make something like this. Can you imagine the patience and time such details require!?? Not me. 

(Sorry the pics aren't better but photography is so not my thing.)

And here's the real deal she modeled it after!

Thanks Pam!

MOOD WHEN DONE: Fantastic!


Leslie Miller said...

That's a really amazing piece of work by a very kind and thoughtful person!

Teri S. said...

Oh my goodness Joan, Pam is an artist indeed! I'm like you, I would not have the patience to craft this, but it is so very well done & sweet with the bunnies outside. I'm glad you posted the picture of the front of your place so we could see why she designed it the way she did. Happy Easter to you, your husband & son!

madameplushbottom said...

Oh mylanta, Joan!!! This is amazing. What a wonderful gift.

(I am taking a FB break... so I am so grateful you do blog posts too so I don't have to miss you entirely.)

I love that she dropped this and ditched... .I have a friend who I now call the fruit fairy because every few days she drops a few new pieces of fresh fruit at my condo door. It's great!

I hope you and your hubby are doing well and staying safe right now. XO Meg

Vikki H said...

She must really love your family! Amazing gift.

Jennifer Scull said...

Wow!!! This is stunning! Very rich in detail and almost identical to the real thing. You have quite a lovely home!

I hope you and yours had a very blessed Easter. Please stay safe and healthy.