Apr 24, 2020

Hi There

Don't make this card -- unless you are home with hours and hours on your hands!

I never know what to do with square dies, so I'm not sure why I bought these Floral Squares from Pinkfresh Studio. I'm sure there is some very talented designer to blame. Squares and rectangles are not a great match.

Die cut 27 of these babies and glued the tiny narrow pieces on top of each other.  As careful as I was, the thin strips did not want to line up perfectly and glue seeped out in places. It's kind of a hot mess.

Nevertheless, I had fun making it and I like the ending.

MOOD WHEN DONE: Never again!!

I'm blogging this at 2:20 am. I've been awake since 12:30 am. Mike got up at 11:30 pm and is still awake. Things are going great here, how about you?  GAH


Ginger said...

You are braver than I to tackle this card project. Only another crafter would realize the time, effort and patience it took. Well done. Do try another card with these Floral Squares as they are lovely. Take good care.

iriseyes said...

Lovely card, Joan! Don't think I would tackle that one, my patience is pretty thin these days!:)
For many years I couldn't wait for my Thursday night ritual - Chinese take-out, a glass of wine and ER - I had a serious crush on Noah Wyle! I'm going to check & see if a local station is running that - the new shows are like soap operas nowadays.


Jeanne H in MN said...

I think your card is wonderful. I wanted the die, but it is sold out! Love your colors. Maybe it would be easier if fewer. Sending well wishes.

Diana K said...

Love this graphic beauty. I never can understand how everyone who makes videos manages those skinny stacked die cuts so easily. My trick? Photoshop. Your life sounds very similar to mine right now. Upside down.

Leslie Miller said...

Wow, I LOVE this! I would never have the patience to cut 27 of them, but you've really got me wondering what I have that I could do something similar with. Definitely not 27. No way. Skinny frames like this make me crazy, all wobbly when you try to layer them. For the most part I've been sleeping well, but it might be different for us here. We're outside a lot, walking, working in the yard, playing with the dogs. It's not perfect and I can hardly say how disappointing it is that we probably aren't going to do a random road trip this year. Some people are so much worse off than we are that I don't feel right complaining.

Betsy B said...

I love this! I’d probably not have the patience. Whoever gets this must be special and also very appreciative!

Anonymous said...

Don't have that patience. It frustrated me to die cut 3 "Hello" yesterday and then layer them. I did cheat for 2 of the cuts as I put 1 inch double sided tape on the back of the card stock before I cut out the word! Worked great. Faye