Oct 18, 2019

Gathered Together

This Colorado Craft Company Thanksgiving set called Lovely Legs - Give Thanks is very different from anything I own. I love the suggestion of a family gathered around the table celebrating the holiday. It's got a Normal Rockwell feel that I find very comforting.

Colored the image with Copics in fall colors and popped up on plaid paper.

Thanks very much to The Colorado Craft Company for sending this set to me. I LOVE that company's sets -- all different than usual. They asked if they could send a set and I wasn't sure what set it would be until I opened the package. A mini Christmas!! Very kind of them.

MOOD WHEN DONE: Well, grateful! No matter how stressed out I get, my one day a week gig at the International Rescue Committee reminds me of how much I have.


Susan said...

What a great image! Love the card.

Leslie Miller said...

And you made the perfect card with it!

Jennifer Scull said...

How wonderful that the company sent you this neat stamp! I really like your card with it. My first thought was that this is the pets' viewpoint of a family dinner. :) Yes, I probably spend a bit too much time with my furry friends! I have only seen a few stamps from this company, but they are all very fun and unique.

So glad that you and your family were safe from the tornadoes.

As to the comment you left on my blog, it's perfectly acceptable to be scared of something. Everyone is, but not everyone admits it. Monkeys flat out terrify me. Eek! I am getting the heebie jeebies just typing about them...

Have a great weekend!