Oct 1, 2019

Poinsettia Wreath (The Ton) #1

The title of this post says it all -- I'm making a bunch of Christmas cards with the beautiful set, Poinsettia Wreath, by The Ton.

I colored this one with Copics. It took a long time, especially when I got distracted, left the caps off some green Copics overnight, and had to start again with different shades of green. Since I got distracted by having to cook dinner, it seems to me that cooking should be crossed off my to do list until after Christmas ... right?

This is a very large wreath, and the entire wreath will not fit on an A2 card, so you have to select which parts to feature or make a larger card. I started using this set by borrowing a layout from the amazing Vera Yates.  Look at this gorgeous card she made using this set.

When a stamp has a lot of detail, I have a hard time distinguishing between leaves, flowers, and the spaces between them, particularly when I'm leaning over to color the image. To avoid coloring a flower petal green, I colored all the leaves at once, and then did the flowers. (Translation -- I screwed up the first time I colored this image.)

MOOD WHEN DONE: Happy to add to my Christmas 2020 stash. So far, I think I have 5 cards. Better get moving!


Jeanne H said...

Your card is gorgeous. Yay for getting more cards done.

madameplushbottom said...

I love this, Joan. Thank you for bringing joy to my day today.

Leslie Miller said...

Wow! You're making a bunch of these? I would definitely be cropping it down, but, ohhhh, the possibilities. This is gorgeous! I'll be watching for more. I'm falling behind on Christmas cards. Trying to give fall it's chance this year.