May 15, 2019

Learning Through Inspiration: Heather Telford Day 3

Please check out my post on the Penny Black blog, where I finish up my learning from the talented Heather Telford.  Thanks. I hope to be back on blogging here soon!


Leslie Miller said...

Same thing... laptop won't let me comment on WordPress blogs, even when I log in with my WordPress ID. You made some beautiful cards, Joan! I'd say you learned a lot from Heather and you really made it work for you. These are some of my favorites yet. I just bought the bird (and a few other PB stamps) and I hope I can make something as pretty as yours. Love how you made one a Christmas card. Beautiful!

Susie said...

Joan, you're a wonderful writer! I think you know how much I love this series, so please continue it. You've addressed topics that many of us want to discuss. We're all learning and practicing our skills. Any discipline worth learning takes practice, and you've helped break the ice (or at least shown a process) for doing just that! Beautiful cards, Joan! You're amazing!