May 1, 2019

Learning Through Inspiration: Heather Telford (Day One)

Here's a snippet of a card I made while learning from the fabulous Heather Telford. My series on learning from Heather starts today on the Penny Black blog here. Would love if you checked it out! 


Leslie Miller said...

I wouldn't mind making cards that look like YOURS. Again, I'm on my laptop and can't comment on WordPress blogs. This darn thing... it stepped up to a new level of screwy tonight, arrrrgggghhh.

Jeanne H said...

I do like your cards and agree Heather's is top-notch. Thanks for sharing your insight, Joan.

Anonymous said...

Great study of the great Heather's work. I agree with you that card is exceptional. I have also learned that the paper used and the watercolor used makes an enormous difference. I bet Heather did not use zigs for that card. Although zigs are really very good colors and I'm sure Heather can make those sing and dance as well. Still.
Your cards are very beautiful as well. Thank you again for doing this and for sharing. It allows us all to learn with and from you.