May 8, 2019

More Learning Through Inspiration

I'm happy to be back on the Penny Black blog today continuing my study of Heather Telford. You can read about my adventures here.

Here's a snippet of one of my cards --

Hope you like it!


  1. Love learning with you Joan ! Wishing you wisdom to make the right decisions ♥

  2. I saw your card designs on the Penny Black blog. I think they are positively AWESOME!

  3. I just came from the Penny Black blog and, believe me, your two cards are absolutely beautiful! I think you were a little too critical of yourself this time. Just sayin'. I want to make cards like yours. You wouldn't believe how many hours I spent pencil coloring a card I'll share later at some point. No Gamsol. I used Neenah super smooth white only because I'd intended to Copic color and, yes, it is the wrong paper! I recently found some actual drawing paper in my closet and it sure does make a difference. It seems to me you're very good with pencils, Joan.

  4. I'm heading to the other blog post after this, but wanted to say that I am SO sorry you are having such problems with this pacemaker stuff. So not fair. I can only imagine the anxiety it provokes. I will keep my fingers crossed and pray for excellent health and peace when you are ready to make a decision as to what to do.


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