Apr 9, 2015

Product Review: Some Memories Should be Forgotten Four-in-One Punch Board

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Some Memories Should Be Forgotten, LLC, PPC, Inc. Releases New Punch Board


Dear Paperlicious is working twenty-three/seven to uncover the latest and the greatest in the papercrafting industry.   I can now exclusively report the amazing Four-in-One Punch Board that will change your life!

This amazing board:

1.  Punches holes anywhere, anytime, through anything.  See this?

And the best part is that all holes created by this board are self-healing.  No waiting at the ER or scrambling to find your insurance card.

2.  Creates three envelopes at once!  No moving paper and punching and scoring multiple times.  This baby allows you to put in one sheet of cardstock and create THREE A2 envelopes.  The Four-in-One Punch Board uses a unique, one of a kind, patented process (patent application still being drafted) that fuses the paper molecules, creating a big bang effect that results in numerous extra paper molecules turning into extra envelopes. 

Due to the highly sensitive proprietary nature of this process, no pictures are available at this time.

3. It's a Trendalizer!  Today, insert paper, foam, even formerly trendy items such as mustaches and owls, into the Four-in-One Punch Board, and they will emerge completely covered in GOLD FOIL.  Next month, it marbleizes.  Only trendy people can predict future uses!! 

4.  And, saving the best for last -- the Four-in-One Board ERASES BAD MEMORIES from your life.  Hate your old beau?  Insert a photo and poof -- it's Brad who?   Make an ugly card?  Insert the card and all memories of the time, money, and mess are gone!  Perfect for receipts for crafty spending, traffic tickets, bad haircuts, and report cards.


Dear Paperlicious for more info on price and availability.


Glorie said...


Susan said...

Might take MISTI's place as most incredible stamping tool ever invented! I want one!!!

Susan Raihala said...

Sign me up for two!

Unknown said...


Jennifer Scull said...

strategically placed 'holes' might just give me back my hourglass figure, too! ;) one on each side of my ever expanding waistline, and, voila! instant curves in all the right places!

have a great weekend!

Unknown said...

That is the JOAN-ese I have been missing!! AS luck would have it, am going to Impress today...I am sure your outstanding review will be' ticker taping ' through my brain as I walk about the store. :)
Lu C

Joan B said...

Enjoy Impress. I am stamping with one of their flower sets now. LOVE their style! Soak in some goodness for me.

Leslie Miller said...

One day we might look back and see how on the mark you were. I mean, who could have imagined 3-D printer/copiers?

Joan B said...

oh dear, well I guess creating 3 envelopes out of one sheet of cardstock would be pretty cool!

Dee in N.H. said...

Too funny!