Jun 2, 2015

Fed Up Challenge: Day One

Day One:

Note:  as I write this, my very thin husband (he's a runner) is on his second bowl of potato chips. ** Sigh. 

Day One is in the books.  Rocked it.  Take that, Mint Milanos, Oreos, and the Queen of the Pantry -- Hershey Nuggets. 

Ate what was in the house that fit the rules -- fruit, dried fruit, cheese, greek yogurt, baba ghanoush (checked the label, no sugar), carrots, and more cheese. 

Around 4 pm really wanted some carbs.  As in started to regret opening my big mouth on the internet about taking the challenge.  So ate some watermelon and then took a walk. 

Came back with hamburger and the fixins to make guacamole.  Added some brown rice and dinner was good.  We rarely eat meat at home so having a burger felt like a treat. 

Am not craving anything after dinner.  Feel full.  Never feel full.  Odd. 

I'll let you know if I gain or lose any weight, sleep better, or stop the cough I've had since August that no doc has figured out.   I'm not asking for much, am I?

** Just finished his bowl.  The empty bowl sits there, mocking me.  If he goes for a third bowl, I may cry.


  1. Good for you! Keep up the good work. If he goes for another bowl of chips, deck him!

    1. Ha. He never has more than 2 Hershey Nuggets, or 2 bowls of chips. Very disciplined!!

  2. Good for you!!!
    I know you hate water, but it's also proven that many times when one has a craving, it is actually because your body is dehydrated and is really craving water. (Smile)

  3. My husband is skinny, too, and he's not a runner, grrrr. I used to be skinny, grrrrr. I need to take this challenge. Good first day, Joan.

  4. Go, Joan, Go!! I need to do this challenge, too...

  5. I've got a skinny husband too - he sits down every evening after supper and eats Hershey kisses - never gains any weight. What's up with that???? I'm anxious to see how you do with this challenge - it's probably something I should do too. But that would mean giving up Diet Cokes - hmmm. Don't know about that! Good luck Joan!

  6. Great first day, Joan!! Yay, and it is hard when your DH can eat anything! You will do it - go, Joan!! Hugs!

  7. Go, Joan - you can do it! Watermelon is a great filler, I find.
    If you solve your mystery cough tell me the secret, I need it too ;-).

  8. My husband is thin also (cyclist) and is always saying he wants to lose 5 pounds. Really? Why can he lose so easily and me, not so much? I'm beginning to think there must be something to those kale smoothies he's always making... Keep up the good work Joan!


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