Jul 14, 2022

Spellbinders Parcel and Post Mailbox (and some chat)

Spellbinders released a ton of beautiful and clever Christmas products today and I was fortunate enough to get my hands on some of them. 

One of my favorites is the Mailbox die and the accompanying sentiments (in hot foil and stamp versions), part of the Parcel and Post collection. I love when products provide an obvious place for the sentiment, as I always struggle with that issue. 

Used the Christmas Mailbox Greetings hot foil plate for the greeting on this card. The Mailbox dies come with a rectangle to cut out the sentiment, so it was easy to use. Also used the Dazzling Dots embossing folder. 

I timed how long this card took - from start to finish 90 minutes, which is blazing fast for me. 

By the way, I decided to try out some Spellbinders cardstock. I wasn't sure what to expect. I am always trying out new cardstock as I can never find the perfect colors, quality, service, and price all in one company! The Spellbinders cardstock is 100 lb, feels quite sturdy, and very smooth. I would definitely use it as a base. In fact, I really like it so of course I bought some other colors. And - just to be clear - I paid for all of them. I used Alabaster for part of the mailbox and the embossed panel and Brushed Gold (no fingerprints!) for some of the accents. 

MOOD WHEN DONE: Well, very happy with the card, but...

Mike is not well. He got an infection in his blood and was hospitalized. He was so sick and looked so awful that the nurse asked me if he uses a walker at home! I told her he runs 5 miles every other day and rows on the other days. She couldn't believe it!

He had surgery last Friday to address the source of the infection and it was only partially successful. He goes back tomorrow for more surgery. In the meantime, Mike is very weak and not himself. He's lost almost 10 pounds and trust me, this man has no weight to lose. I've talked him into eating bites of ice cream to try and get those pounds back. If only I could give him some of mine!! 

I hope to be back reporting improvement in Mike's health soon. Seeing him so frail has been one of the scariest things I've experienced in a very long time. 

In any event, this is why my crafting has slowed to a crawl, although I've managed to fit it in here and there - it is my drug of choice. And I really do love the products Spellbinders sent me. And some other items waiting to be used. ...


Karen said...

Joan, that is a lovely card! Thanks for the review on the paper, though I have enough paper to last me decades as it is. Sorry to hear Mike is so ill. That is frightening, especially when he is such a strong, vigorous person. With you by his side and the care of the experts, I pray for his swift recovery. Thinking of you both!

Anonymous said...

Always nice to see your lovely cards.
Please know that I am thinking about both you and Mike, and
hoping he is feeling better soon.

Hannelie said...

Your card is amazing as always Joan!
So sorry that Mike is not doing well. It's one thing to be unwell yourself, but seeing your person suffering is another. Hoping and praying for him to recover soon and fully.

Susan said...

Joan, Love your card. I really like all the layers and fun stuff you put into the mailbox! I'm sorry to hear that Mike isn't doing well and hope he will be on the road to recovery soon!

Julie said...

Oh, Joan! I'm so sorry to hear about Mike and keeping both of you in my thoughts--I hope the 2nd surgery goes well and they are able to rid him of this. Take good care and massive hugs!!!

I Card Everyone said...

Joan, I think we should paint every mailbox in the country to match yours! Then go decorate them during the holidays!
An absolutely adorable card!
Thoughts and prayers are being sent for Mike - so sorry to hear that someone so fit can get so sick!

Jeanne H said...

Love your card, it's beautiful. Now I want that mailbox. LOL My heart and good thoughts go out to you and Mike. Blessings on you two.

sparkling stamper said...

So sorry to hear Mike is ill. Sending positive thoughts your way. I always enjoy your cards snd posts. Thanks for sharing.

Dorie said...

Sending good thoughts and healing prayers to you both. It truly is scary when our loved ones are struggling. Don't forget about you, Joan.

Leslie Miller said...

Joan, your card is ridiculously fun and adorable! I love all the pieces stuffed into the mailbox. I appreciate your notes on the cardstock, too. I need a good source, but am all stocked up at the moment. BTW, 90 minutes is fast for me, too. I'm really sorry to hear about Mike. To say it's distressing is the ultimate understatement. It's interesting that the source of his infection could be addressed with surgery so I do find that curious. Now more surgery? I hope you'll keep us/me posted. I know how this feels.

Anonymous said...

Dear Joan, you already know that I love this card. It’s Christmas goodness at 100% strong. I am so sorry to hear that Mike is unwell. Please know that I am thinking about the two of you and sending positive vibes that all be well by the time you read this. Big hugs, Diana.

Meg M. said...

This card is captivating, Joan. Whoever receives it will treasure it for sure.

I know from your IG post that yesterday's surgery for Mike went well. I am so grateful to hear he is making positive strides forward. I can imagine how scary and difficult all of this is for you.

I am sending you love and hope that Mike continues healing.