Oct 13, 2018

One Year Later

October 13th 
Super Freak Out
Heart Surgery at Mayo
A few complications
Feeling better every day
More complications
Get stronger
Mike retires
Spend week in Florida celebrating
Anticipate boring (good) year
Mike decides to take job in Phoenix
Freak out
Mike's mom get sick
Go house hunting in Phoenix
Spend weeks in Harlingen Texas
helping Mike's sister care for my MIL
Go to San Diego to be with MIL and SIL
Sadly, Mike's mom does not make it
Andy suggests we move to Dallas
Heartstrings tugged
Cancel Phoenix
Put house on market
Sell house
Freak out
Move to Dallas
Leave 2 Airbnb places due to "issues"
Freak out
Move to hotel
Breakfast buffet is (too) good
Spend lots of time with Andy and Mike's family in Dallas
Buy house in Dallas
Cancel Contract on House 1
Buy House 2
Cancel Contract on House 2
Freak out
Buy House 1 again
Freak out
Move into house
Love house
Meet nice neighbors
Have first dinner with Andy in new house last night
Anticipate boring year

** Pic of sunroom filling up with empty boxes


Meg M. said...

Oh Joan, you've experienced so much in the past (boring) year. Your sun room is gorgeous. I hope that you and Mike will soon feel settled and find a new routine that brings you joy. I look forward to seeing your art again when you are ready and able to create again. SO

Joan B said...

thanks. craft stuff not unpacked!! plus I need a table so it may be a few more weeks.

StampingbugKerry said...

Such a gorgeous room. Don't freak out but have you figured out which room will be your Crafters paradise?

~amy~ said...

What a year you've had. So happy that you're getting settled into your new home. Your sunroom is absolutely beautiful.

Diane McVey said...

Oh, I love your sunroom!! What a great space! Your life will never be boring again. You’ve had quite a year, but now things are going to settle down and you are going to love being near family. Your new home is wonderful, and I know you will be blessed with peace and happiness. Big hugs to you.

Unknown said...

What a year! Wishing you a (boring) year ahead moving in, decorating, crafting, spending time with family. Enjoy your new home. It’s beautiful!

Leslie Miller said...

It looks like you have room for me, Wally, and LuLu. I think you'll be glad you chose Dallas over Phoenix, not that I'd know the difference, but you have family in Dallas and an absolutely gorgeous new/old home. I was thinking you had some stained glass, but after reviewing previous photos I see it's just that they're so beautiful my mind thought "stained glass". Wishing you a good boring year!

Joan B said...

thanks. we do have stained glass. one large living room window and our front door!

Joan B said...


Joan B said...


Joan B said...

yes I have! It is a former bedroom turned into a family room. I'll be posting photos when I get it set up. It's big but most of the wall space is doors or windows!

Joan B said...

Thank you so much for your kind support

cheryl l. said...

PLEASE show us more of the house! That room is fantastic! What a year you had. Hoping for a peaceful, restful year ahead for you and your family!

Joan said...

Freak outs were allowed the past year. Through it all you made decisions, took action, worked hard (and are still working hard), but hopefully, you can see the fruits of all that labor. Breathe in, breathe out. You've already accomplished so much. Now the time is your own, without deadlines, to unpack, arrange things and settle in. Taking some time off to have fun and explore is also a necessity. Enjoy being in the company of your family, meeting new neighbors and friends. Thanks for sharing your journey with us, looking forward to all the stories you've been accumulating. Take care.

Diana K said...

It sounds like someone was holding out on us - two cancelled house contracts?! Freak out! Love how charming and full of character your new home is.

I Card Everyone said...

Phew... I'm worn out just reading it, let alone living it! Joan, it's time your boring new life will begin. Cheers to happy endings!

Jeanne H in MN said...

Am happy that you are getting settled. Love looking at your new home and I too look forward to seeing what you craft. What, craft room not set up? Bedroom and kitchen first, but crafting next. Teehee

Vikki H said...

I'm observing your pain, joy and hard work as it will be ahead for us. My husband accidentally damaged a knee in August and it's going to be difficult to continue living on a 7 acre hilltop in a 3 story home. Our sons live 3 hours away, N & E, which will keep our move closer than yours. Looking forward to your cards and regular posts again.

Jennifer Scull said...

Obviously lots worthy of those freak outs, but you manage to somehow maintain your sense of humor through it all because that is the amazing person you are! Your new home is just gorgeous!!! So happy that you have met some nice neighbors and had your wonderful son over for a meal as well. Life is settling in and soon you will be comfy cozy. :) Sending you big hugs for all that you've made it through and just being fabulous YOU!

Bluejeannes said...

O.M.G. If all that had happened to me, you'd have to visit me in the psych ward. Your strength is amazing, and that will help you, and HAS helped you, through anything life has to throw at you. Hope you don't have any more strength tests though.

Barb said...

Here's hoping you have a calm year in your new home!

luvhymns said...

Wow.... What a Christmas letter.... Love your home!!!! So much light and bright!