Oct 15, 2018

One Year Later, Part 2

A lot of events happened last year, and the other day I documented some of it on the blog. 

But what I didn't document were the really important moments, the moments we remember because of how they made us feel. Like stones rounded by the sea, I sometimes take out these moments and turn them around and around in my mind, taking comfort and joy in their memory:

When Mike was hospitalized a few weeks before my heart surgery, a friend said: "I'll go with you to Mayo."

When it was recommended that I have a recliner after surgery, as getting in and out of bed would be painful, a friend said: "I have a recliner. We'll bring it over and carry it up your flight of stairs."

When we were flying back home from Mayo, a friend said: "I've made extra dinner. I'll bring it over as soon as you get there."

When Mike was anxious to get back to work after being at Mayo with me for 2 weeks, a friend said: "I'll take you to the doctor," even though that meant a long drive in rush hour for her.

When the doorbell keeps ringing because so many friends have sent food or flowers or both.

When you get cards.  

When friends insist on dropping by for just 10 minutes and seeing them brightens your mood for days.

When the doc in the ER gets angry on your behalf because the Mayo docs screwed up something and she calls Mayo to complain. 

When that same doc says to you: "This embolism could have killed you. You're lucky your husband called an ambulance."

When your son turns to you and says: "We should live in the same area. Move to Dallas."

When your sister in law calls to say that her mom is having a biopsy, and my husband and his brother drop everything to be there.

When your mother in law takes a turn for the worse, and everyone -- children, in laws, grandchildren, flies across the country and is there in less than a day.

When the time comes to divide up property and my mother in law's children argue -- not to get more for themselves, but to make sure they don't take too much for themselves.

When you hear your nephew and niece performing at your mother in law's memorial service.

When your sister in law buys your favorite candy, twizzlers, and then eats them with you. 

When your mother in law says: "Thank you for being here."

When you wake up covered by biting bugs at your airbnb apartment and your husband says: "We are out of here. Leave the stuff covered with bugs on the bed. Now."

When you finally find a doctor who figures out what is wrong with your scar. And makes it stop hurting.

When you say goodbye to neighbors, knowing you may never see them again, and your heart tugs.

When your car check engine light comes on as soon as you enter Dallas, and a car guy you've never met fixes it and doesn't charge much.

When your realtor (Kathy Hewitt) is the BEST realtor ever and makes a difficult situation easier. 

When your sister in law in Dallas calls and says "come for dinner" and keeps calling with the same request.

When the people running the breakfast buffet at the hotel where you are staying greet you with a big smile every morning.

When every. single. person. you meet in Dallas is friendly (and many are from the DC area!).

When the Dallas waitress reorders all your food because there is a way to get the same food at less cost.

When a stamper friend contacts someone she knows in Dallas and her Dallas friend and I go to lunch.

When you get invited to attend your nephew's baby's church dedication.

When 3 of your new neighbors knock on the door and welcome you and give you their cell numbers.

When your son says: "I'm glad you moved here."


ReneeK said...

When you share this with your many readers...thank you. It sounds like you are in the right place!

Joan B said...

thanks. we are a bit overwhelmed with this house (!!) but we are in the right place for sure

Diane McVey said...

These are the things that fill our lives with joy. Simple acts of kindness, feelings of love and belonging. I am just crazy about your new home, and I’m certain you will be very happy there. You are near your son and family, and nothing is more joyful than that. I’m so very happy for you!

merryf said...

Oh how wonderful! My heart is full reading all these lovely things!

Leslie Miller said...

Joan, I'm not sure why this moved me so much, but it did. Small things, big things, all acts of kindness are monumental. I'm glad you took the time to reflect and share. We should do this every day and feel so much better. I think things are going to be good in Dallas.

Starla said...

This has all the “ feels”!

Barb said...

You spent your life taking care of your family, your clients, your mom. Karma is returning your love!

Hannelie said...

Thanks for the reminder about what really is important in life. The small things which really are BIG things.

Ann D said...

Your lists are a good reminder that 'Tis a Gift to be Simple. Little things are the important things.

luvhymns said...

what wonderful God whispers.....

Bluejeannes said...

Truly a letter for the season of Thanksgiving. Thanks for reminding us of all the reasons each of us has to feel grateful.

Anonymous said...

Some of those events I long to happen in my life...the positives of course!

Cindy O said...

It's so good to see you posting when you can! Love your list of so many blessings.