Aug 14, 2017

31 Days of Gratitude: Day 14

Day 14: Harris Teeter

There's a Harris Teeter grocery store about a mile from our house. I'm grateful to it for one particular reason -- it hires disabled workers.

Checking out the other day, I noticed a man about 35 bagging my groceries. He had on a Harris Teeter ID, but the unusual thing was that his arms were flailing around quite a bit. There was nothing typical about his behavior and it took me a second to process that Harris Teeter had hired someone whose behavior just might upset a customer.

Good for them.

It doesn't directly help me, but I'm still grateful.


Leslie Miller said...

This warms my heart. Poo on the customer who would be upset.

Anonymous said...

Our local grocery store chain also hires disabled workers. It always makes me proud.

Meg M. said...

I love your observational skills, Joan, and I am grateful this individual has a job. I believe everyone has value. I lived with and worked with individual's who had various abilities for many years and I've learned a lot about how to view the world through my experiences with each individual. So much to be grateful for when you think about it.