Aug 30, 2017

31 Days of Gratitude: Day 30

Day 30: Mike

I've saved my last gratitude day (tomorrow is a wrap up day) to talk about how grateful I am for my precious husband. Anyone who knows both of us knows I got the better of this bargain.

I met Mike when we were both working at the Department of Justice. The section of our division had over 200 employees and Mike and I had not yet met.

My office mate, Nancy, was getting married. Nancy and Mike were friends. One day Mike walked into our office to ask Nancy something about her wedding. I was the on the phone, upset about something involving a case. I sort of slammed the phone down (don't ever share an office with me), and screamed out "UGH" -- just as Mike walked in. And so we were introduced.

The next time I saw Mike was at Nancy's wedding. Mike remembers noticing me because of how great I looked "in that backless dress." (Note: I was not wearing a backless dress. I have never worn a backless dress. Nancy gave us a framed picture of Mike and me at her wedding, and my dress is up to my neck -- front and back. Still not sure who that woman was...)

The rest is our sweet, sometimes difficult, but always together, life.

I'll share one anecdote to give you an idea of why I am such a lucky duck to be married to Mike.

When I was working at DOJ, most of the lawyers in our section were young and single. And the majority were guys, so the dating ratio was in my favor. We worked really hard and played hard -- lots of parties and get togethers. Most partied a LOT harder than I, but even I, who hadn't dated much, was going out.

Some other guy (James --not his real name) had his eye on me, but I wasn't interested in James. When he found out that Mike and I were seriously dating, James came into my office and said: "I just heard that you and Mike are a thing. If it was ANYONE but Mike, ANYONE else, I would be really upset. But how can I be upset? It's Bardee! You caught the best guy here. I'm done."

I couldn't say it any better.


Trish said...

A long happy marriage to the same guy is one of life's greatest blessings. Your story is beautiful and I wish you both more time together facing all that life throws at us! Happy Day 31 of Gratitude!

Marie said...

What a wonderful compliment! To both of you!

Janelle said...

What a great story. I do know how you feel, I couldn't ask for a better husband and friend than I have in my husband as well. 😊 May you always have joy in your marriage.

Tricia said...

Love this!

Leslie Miller said...

You both got lucky, and I'm sure Mike will agree. Funny about the backless dress... hmmm... There are few things more precious and beautiful than a good, enduring, and happy marriage. I'm one of the lucky ones, too.

vdoyle8 said...

What a lovely post. I'm sad to see this month end.

sparkling stamper said...

I have enjoyed reading all your Days of Gratitude. Helps one reflect on all the things to be grateful for in one's own life. I've got one of those husbands that never forgets anything...even after 27 years. He can rattle off what I wore on each of our early dates and at least once a week asks me if I know what day it is (there's always a story there - but if it isn't our first date, engagement date or wedding date, I'm usually at a loss. Sometimes he gives me hints). He thinks he got the better deal but I disagree!!! Gotta love our guys!