Aug 10, 2017

31 Days of Gratitude: Day 10

Day 10: Color

It may seem odd to be grateful for something so basic, but imagine a world where everything was gray, black, and white.

I'm thinking of the sky on September 11th -- it's probably been just as blue on other days, but, standing outside my office building for 2 hours while waiting for my husband to show up so we could leave the city together, I had a lot of time to look at the sky. I was about 4 blocks from the US Capital and we had heard a rumor that another plane was headed for the Capital. So I guess I was looking up without realizing it. Every clear blue sky reminds me just a bit of that awful afternoon.

I'm also thinking of our the red glass backsplash in the kitchen. It's the kind of thing that realtors tell you not to do because only 1.3% of buyers will like it and everyone else will hate it. But why live in a house decorated for the next owner?

Speaking of red, I'm thinking of my husband's eyes. Before his hair turned white, it was red and his eyes were (and are) the exact same shade -- kind of an orange/red/brown tint. Gorgeous.

And of course after a long rain in the spring, the grass is that beautiful shade of green that only lasts for a day.

Finally, nothing is prettier to me than Christmas and its blast of twinkling lights and bright displays. Even brown/gray trees against the blue/gray skies are beautiful.

So, yes, I'm grateful for color. It sweeps across our days and nights, just there for the taking.


Helen Kalb said...

Color is happiness!
I am grateful for your blog, thanks for sharing your thoughts and creations Joan!

Leslie Miller said...

Ahhh, color... yes! I agree that you should not decorate for the next owner unless you're planning to sell soon. I'm staying right where I am.

LauraJane:) said...

I'm with you on the need for COLOR!

Diana K said...

I also love colour, even black and white and gray. We've done plenty of things to our home to make it to our liking that I'm sure would give nightmares to most realtors. And I just don't care. If we ever need to sell, and can't get any money for it, we're planning to move in with the kids, LOL.

Ginger said...

Dear Paperlicious, Thank you for lovely cards and thoughtful words. You add color to the world and to my life.

MyLittleBlueDog said...


Meg M. said...

I am thoroughly enjoying your gratitude posts, Joan. I found my breathing slowing while reading today's post. Looking at the little details is so relaxing and so refreshing. I am grateful you are slowing down and sharing gratitude, for the bigs and smalls. thank you for bringing me joy. XOXOX