Jul 27, 2013

Dear Mom: Catching Up

Dear Mom,

Kate had a boy.  You should have seen the clothes she wore while pregnant.  You would have loved them.  Reminded me a bit of Jackie.  And perfect timing. I finally got around to changing the address on your People and Sports Illustrated mags.  Bingo.  Got the royal baby issue yesterday.  I pretty much don't know who anyone else in the People is (ever hear of Amanda Bynes?  Me either, except apparently she has issues.)  And someone named Corey died of an overdose.  Not sure who he was but it made a big splash.  Yeah, we are both a bit too old for these magazines. 

I'm starting to understand what getting older does.  I don't know most of the folks at work.  I was talking to one of the new lawyers the other day about an issue and went to pull out the statute to show her something, and said "Let's go to the video."  She looked at me like I was crazy.  Imagine, never hearing that phrase. 

But I'm not getting old.  I'm just entering a new phase.  I'm losing weight. Slowly and in ups and downs.  I'm getting out more.  Signing up for a watercolor class and an aquatics class (that's what they call water exercise now). 

I miss you mom.  Andy misses you too.  He's doing great.  I wish so much you could see him going to work every day.  Last night he cooked chicken.  Made a mess but the food was good. 

More later!  Joan


  1. New phase, indeed. We're always entering new phases, and why oh why does that leave us feeling unsettled and exhausted instead of energized and excited? I am in serious need of attitude adjustment, but it sounds like you're doing pretty well, heading in the right direction. Thank you for sharing your journey, Joan. You are an inspiration!

  2. Beautiful, Joan, just beautiful.

  3. This brought tears to my eyes. I am lucky to still have my mom. I can only imagine the pain of losing a parent and not being able to catch up with them. I think I will go call my mom.

  4. A heat-warming letter, Joan. When things get bad here I've been known to say "I need my mom!" and she has been gone 47 years. But I know you understand, Joan. Thanks for being you and sharing with us in blogland.

  5. This is really beautiful and so heart warming.

  6. Beautiful Joan, it reminds me to appreciate my mom more while I have the chance to

  7. Now I'm all teary. I'm going through some major life changes, too. It's times like this that I really miss Mom. I'd love to talk to her about the changes as she faced similar ones. She's been gone a year and a half and it still hurts.


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