Oct 9, 2019

Christmas Sweaters

Love the set 'Tis The Season by Julie Ebersole. It's retired, but so are most of my holiday sets. (Have you seen the deluge of new holiday sets? Wow, so much talent out there!)

Made a fun background by repeatedly stamping the sweater on pale gray cardstock. Colored them with Copics in an ombre design of sorts. These sweaters are hand knit so that's my explanation as to why they aren't identical (ha).

The stamp includes a black star on the top of the tree, but I added some clear glue and fine white glitter over each star as the sweaters needed more white to pop off the gray background. Colored the collars with a white gel pen for the same reason.

And that's one more card for the stash!

MOOD WHEN DONE: Good. I've haven't stamped much lately and briefly thought about packing it all up and putting it away, but Mike just stared at me when I suggested that. I guess that would be the end of life as we know it, so I'm glad I came to my senses...


  1. You CAN NOT stop stamping Joan!! Don't you know its you therapy!!

  2. Joan, Joan, don't you DARE stop stamping! Life would be totally Worthless without ink stains on your hands, bits of scrap paper all over the floor, a table buried under supplies from your last creation and a mailman who fears for his job security now that you've stopped ordering those supplies online. Be glad you woke up from that awful nightmare..........

  3. I'm glad you rethought the "pack it all in" notion. I can't even imagine. Joan, I'd miss seeing your cards and the posts that go with them. I'm always a little extra happy when I see your post in my Feedly. So there. Today's card is so you and I love that about it. It's got style! BTW, I haven't bought a single Christmas stamp or die this year.

  4. This card brings a big smile to my face! So fun and festive! :)

    I want to thank you for the very kind comment you left on my blog about my recent card project. You made my day!
    Have a most amazing weekend! :)


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