May 22, 2019


Letting the color do the work here! Rub a couple of ink pads (Distress Oxide Picked Raspberry and Wild Honey) on some paper, and walk away while it dries. Stamp a nice large sentiment (from the Stamp Market's Bloominous), and add a tiny one (from Mama Elephant) that makes sense. Sit back and declare it done.

MOOD WHEN DONE: While I was working on this, all I could think of was how, when we were in school, we would say "hey," and the nuns would say "hay's for horses." I'm not sure "hey" is a word but I've given up on the grammar wars.

Speaking of 8th grade, our teacher (a nun) assigned our seats based on our grade point average (can you imagine that now?). The student with the highest GPA sat in the 1st row, 1st seat. It wasn't me, and a million years later I'm still grumbling about it! Funny, the (very nice) girl who had the highest GPA is now a nun. Fixed?


  1. Cute story. Love the card (as usual).

  2. I love this card, can just imagine all the color possibilities. This would also be a clever design that works great for masculine cards or teenagers. So simple and brilliant.

  3. This is crazy good! I can see infinite possibilities for cards for guys and teenagers! I so enjoy visiting here.

  4. It's so clear we are from the same age bracket, Joan... I had the same thought about the horses! But, hey, this is the coolest card on the planet today... did you give the first swipe dry time? or just go for the second immediately?

    1. did not let the first swipe (the pink) dry. I really had no plan!

  5. Amazing how you got those ink swipes so perfect! This is fantastic and I love it to bits! I've already pinned it. Someone could do a "learning through inspiration" segment on you. Seriously. I have more than one of your CAS cards pinned.

  6. another modern, CAS look at card design. I love the simplicity of this! Old, silly memories made me giggle.

  7. Hey, Joan! Love this clean and simple card! ... I always said I couldn't see or hear well so that I could sit up front instead of back where my S initial had me seated in alphabetical order.


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