May 13, 2016

Another Threadnest Attempt!

Can you see the little thread nest? Hard to see but it's there. I used a fiber pulled from a metallic cord.

Used some supplies that I am loving at the moment!
MOOD WHEN DONE:  I'm not buying thread to make threadnests, especially since "threadnest" isn't even a real word. On the other hand, I bought a sewing machine and that needs thread, right?


  1. love how you did the background in gold, Joan - i have the thread but making those nest looks random is really hard for me - i don't know how everyone does it!!

  2. I don't think I would have noticed the thread if you hadn't mentioned it, but I do love the card. Of course, I had to click on all the links and now I want everything. Will hold myself back, though. You've got me scared of threadnests. I can imagine the mess I would make of them. BTW, it should be a word. You may have to submit it to the Urban Dictionary.

  3. Love this! That background is really fun. I've yet to get that "thread nest" made right. Have a great weekend.

  4. I enlarged to make sure I saw the "threadnest," Joan! Looks good to me, but then I'm pretty bad at making casual look casual. . . Give me a sequin? Arrrrgghhh! Other people seem to toss them and have them land beautifully. I agonize and end up with a stilted blemish! ;-)

  5. Love these projects. Totally adorable!


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