May 22, 2016

A Break for Stamping Destroyed My Life

Stamping Destroyed My Life is taking a mini break.  I expect it will resume in July.

Apparently, M needs time to work on her new business, Beautiful, before she can get back to telling her story.  Plus, I am busy taking care of a few minor medical annoyances, stamping, and when company is coming over, cleaning the parts of the house that they'll see.  Plus being retired means having to cook. Argh!

In the meantime, thanks for the comments!


  1. Oh dear what mischief will M be getting up to in the meantime? :-) Good luck with your medical stuff and keeping the house tidy - it's a chore! Looking forward to picking up with M in July! :-)

  2. Enjoy your break! My husband FINALLY left on a business trip so I can have cheese and crackers for dinner, thank God!


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