Dec 8, 2022

An Interview (With Me)

This interview appears in the latest issue of PaperCrafter Magazine in the UK. It's a little hard to read in this format on my blog, but I thought I'd share it anyway.

MOOD WHEN DONE: Life's a trip! Thanks to Andrew at PaperCrafter. He interviewed and edited the story and was very nice to work with.


Vicki Dutcher said...

Well, how fun is that! A great article! And yes, I am still waiting for the storyline to continue for M 😊

Anonymous said...

YAY you!
What a great article!
You are so talented, Joan, and we enjoy all your contributions
to this fun crafting community!

Leslie Miller said...

I'm glad I took a minute to read this today. What a great article and I really appreciate you sharing it. I hung on every word of your story of M as it evolved. You've said many things over the years that I can fully relate to. You know... my friend once spent $117 at a Stampin' Up! party just so she could make one card. I think she went on to make possibly 3 more cards. Well, you know the road I've been down... many hours of "saving money on Christmas cards", ha! Love you, Joan!

Vikki H said...

After I found your blog due to hops, I spent a long weekend reading your humorous story! Thanks for the laughs and all the CAS inspiration, Joan.