Aug 30, 2022

Pancakes (Healthy) and Placemats


Something different today.

Apple Oat Pancakes

My cooking is horrible- and I'm not being hard on myself. Both my husband and son confirm! I used to be a pretty good cook, but a few years ago I lost much of my sense of taste and smell. So, yeah, I've lost interest and talent in cooking. I'm left with tasting sweet, salty, and spicy - and not much else. Sweet and salty are wonderful, but not very healthy.

So, I've been looking for ways to stop my blood sugar from creeping up and to cut down on snacking. I've read in quite a few places that a good place to focus is on high fiber/high protein and I wanted to start with a good breakfast. I do not like eggs (shudder), and am not a huge fan of oatmeal unless it's full of sugar. I started by trying these Healthy Apple Pancakes.

Result: Very Very Good. 

Is this IHOP on a plate? No, but it's delicious AND 3 hours later and I'm not hungry. Will I make these again? Absolutely! The only downside for me from a nutrition place is that they have about 1/4 the sodium I am supposed to eat every day (all from the cottage cheese). But that's ok. 

The recipe says the prep time is 10 minutes. HA! Took me about 25. It calls for 1/2 cup of egg whites and for large eggs, that came to 3. It has cottage cheese in it and I bought low fat. I would prefer more topping, so I may add more apples to the topping the next time I make them. And, there is a lot to clean up afterwards, including a blender. But I've got the time. 


So, remember Waltzingmouse Stamps? I was crushed when it went out of business, but am thrilled that Claire Brennan is back designing patterns. And, we can buy fabric and other products, such as bedding, placemats, throw pillows, etc. made with her designs on Spoonflower. Her label is Little Nest Emporium. So, I gave it a try. (Disclosure: paid full price!). 

Had a hard time selecting a pattern for placemats. Since our dining rug has mostly orange in it, I went with the fabric above. We love the result! I ordered 4 in the linen cotton and am quite pleased with the finish. Total price with shipping was $54.54. 

What I REALLY want is to order some wallpaper in one of Claire's designs for the powder room in our soon to be new house, but Mike is not a fan of wallpaper. UGH. So after we move I'll frame some of her fabric and hang in my soon to be new craft room.


Little Nest Emporium on Instagram

Little Nest Emporium on Spoonflower


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Leslie Miller said...

Well, gee, sorry about your partial loss of taste and smell. This looks delicious. I clicked on the recipe and find it not sugary at all. I have to be careful about the balance because I easily get low blood sugary. Love making my own sugar-free applesauce. The fabric is beautiful. Good compromise. She has some nice things. I didn't know Waltzingmouse went out of business. Under my rock again. Thanks, Joan!