Apr 11, 2022

Mixing Metals

I seem to recall that, along with wearing white between Labor Day and Memorial Day, mixing gold with silver is a design crime. Now I see it in kitchen and bath design and decided to give it a try.

This card mixes silver foiling on the background with gold foiling on the birds and branches as well as the sentiment. 

The bird and branches were left over from the last card I posted and use Pinkfresh Studio Songbirds on Branches hot foil plate, die, and stencils. The background is also from PFS and is called Geo Tiles Hot Foil plate. 

MOOD WHEN DONE: Honestly, part of me is struggling to post cards, as I -- like any decent person -- am heartbroken over the evil happening in Ukraine. 

Every time I see an older woman from Ukraine on the news, she reminds me of my grandmother and her sisters, all of whom came to the US from the Western part of Ukraine or Poland. We never knew for sure, as they didn't talk about the past much. My mom grew up speaking Ukrainian at home but thought of herself as Polish-American. Who knows? That area has been a battleground for a very long time, thanks to an aggressive Russia.

Or I think of my girlfriend's parents, who are now in their 90s, who walked out of Ukraine after WWII to the coast of Europe to get on a ship to the US as refugees. They are the most delightful, strong people I know -- they never learned to drive and continued to walk everywhere (in Minneapolis)! They got through so much, including the worst of the Covid years, only to watch this happen in Ukraine. Again. 

And then I think of Yana Smakula, the most talented and strong stamper I know (the way we "know" each other online), crafting from Ukraine. She makes the evil real and personal and not just a news story. I think of her all the time. 

So I guess If Yana can continue to post cards, we all can take refuge in the hobby and continue to share it. 


Leslie Miller said...

Rules are made to be broken and this is a beautiful result. Oh, how I love the Pinkfresh products! Joan, I've been having a hard time since all the ugliness of people became more public in recent years. It just gets worse, and now the evil in Ukraine. Plus family (including furry family) health issues. It all knocks the wind out of your sails. I think of Yana, too, and am inspired by her bravery. It's something to admire about all Ukrainians.

clelie said...

Your card is beautiful and reminds me of my older sister telling me I could NOT wear my pink blouse and red skirt to school as it "does not go together!" I loved it and as a 70 y.o. enjoy mixing it up once in awhile!☺ Your comments made me cry...I think horror, sadness and grief hangs over most of our hearts now-a-days. I see the pictures and wonder about each Life and wonder just HOW they are overcoming, surviving, existing...and I pray- for Yana, Oles, our two dear Friends who went to take care of a sick mother just before this happened and ALL of Ukraine and its most amazing People!♥ Thank you for sharing..your card and your heart!

Meg M. said...

Your card is beautiful, Joan. I also love what you've shared about your family and Ukraine. Thank you for being a bright spot for me (and many others) in a world that can feel and seem so very dark right now.