Mar 7, 2022

Inspired by Marimekko

 You remember Marimekko? It was ALL THE RAGE in the 60s and 60s. I'm on the Ellen Hutson blog talking about Marimekko-inspired cards. I hope you check it out. 

Here's a snippet of one of the cards featured. 



Leslie Miller said...

Oh, yes, groovy times! Actually, I never used that word, but the times were okay because I was so young. I love these bright colors.

Meg M. said...

Beautiful! I love these colors and the shapes - and of course your design choices. Thanks for the smiles today, Joan.

merryf said...

Oh I love this, it makes me smile! I used to love Marimekko prints, and I remember when Crate & Barrel used to carry their fabrics, way back in the early 1980s. Wish I had some now!

Beth said...

Beautiful cards. I love Marimekko and your cards fit right in.