Mar 29, 2022

Happy Birthday With Things I Don't Do


A fun birthday card inspired by a card Yana Smakula made. It contains things I usually don't do:

1. Color images (I pretty much gave that up a couple of years ago.)

2. Use cool colors. Give me red, pink, yellow, etc. and I am so much happier.

3. Put a sentiment on the bottom directly on the paper. I'm liking this more and more and will do it again. 

4. Using a balloon design. I love balloons but they don't like me. Many a piece of cardstock died in my battle with balloons. 

Little images from Lawn Fawn. Sentiment from My Favorite Things. 



Meg M said...

That's a lot of stretching of yourself on one card. Way to go! The card is beautiful and I always enjoy seeing a post from you. XO

Leslie Miller said...

There is a lot of fun and cute and things you usually don't do in this card and I adore it! Looks like a great sentiment set.