Oct 23, 2020

Concord & 9th Feature Friday: All the Letters, All the Numbers & Painted Bundle

Hello! Today I'm sharing 2 cards I've made with new Concord & 9th products.

Disclosure Note: While I don't participate in affiliate marketing, Concord & 9th sent its October release to me (as well as their ink cubes and a cardstock sampler. 

All the Letters & Painted Bundle

In case you are wondering, I still like Mike!! LOL

I have a growing collection of alphabet stamps and dies and love them for their versatility. All the Letters has a solid and outline stamp plus a die and I used all of them for this card. If you look closely, you'll see a pale pink heart underneath the letters -- that's the heart from the Painted Bundle and am just getting started using it. 

Speaking of ...

Painted Bundle

Painted Shapes (you can get it with or without the sentiments as part of the bundle) is right at the top of my favorite sets. I love the endless possibilities and will be sharing more, not because I agreed to do so, but because I love it!! For this card, I used the rectangle and the square a variety of Concord & 9th inks to make an "abstract painting." The sentiment and heart are from the Painted Sayings stamp set. 

MOOD WHEN DONE: We are doing fine! Since I've shared bad news in the past, I thought I'd share that a recent medical test indicates that my heart is doing really well!!! Yeah!! 

Hope your are all well. 


Betty said...

two fun cards, Joan - envy you having all those gorgeous new colors of inks and cardstock colors - and so pleased to read the good news about the heart1 keep safe.

brandco2450@gmail.com said...

These cards are great, Joan, and I am
so pleased for you re the medical news!

Carol Cel said...

Yay to the good health news.

Vikki H said...

I'm ready to hire you to make my Christmas cards! 😉 Happy news for the ❤️

Paula Kamaras said...

Greeat post thank you