Jul 24, 2020

Summer Break Time

I'll be posting my cards on Instagram. However, for those of you who don't want to go to IG, I'll come back here about once a month and post a round up of my cards. 

My IG account is HERE.

Thanks, and hope summer is kind to you and your family!!


Leslie Miller said...

Ha! It appears as though I've been taking a summer IG break. It's hard to be both places, but I do need to get back on IG because all the creepy guys are creeping in, if you KWIM.

Anonymous said...

I'm not on IG but I followed your link and it let me see a few cards. With this being your top post for a bit then I will just come back here once a week and have a "follow your link" look!
Enjoy your days doing something every day that makes you smile.

Barbara V said...

I had to come looking for you...suddenly realized I had not seen you on FB for some time. Hope all is well and your summer is...well, spectacular? TX summers can be pretty hot and humid.