Mar 26, 2020


My favorite type of card -- ink and paper.

Decided to switch from triangles to circles. Used Altenew's Halftone Circles and a bunch of inks. Switch out the sentiment and this could be a fun birthday card (**goes looking for an appropriate sentiment**).


Thanks for the encouragement to keep posting. I had written a longish post on all the emotions of the past couple of weeks and the future of the world (HA!) and then deleted it because I don't think it would have added to anyone's day.

I will say one thing about this time -- I am so grateful for all that we have and as the days go by my gratitude grows. Stay safe, stay inside, and be good!


I Card Everyone said...

Cute! One might think this is your version of 'circling the wagons' Joan!
"Yes, mother!" to all the good advice! I promise to be good - you be good, too!

SilviaM. said...

Very pretty. Is this a circle stamp with dots or a circle stencil with a dots stamp? Thanks

Karen Page said...

Joan, love your CAS card with these stamps. I have this set myself and find you can't really mess up a card unless you overlap complementary colors with dye inks. Any color combo seems to look amazing with this graphic set. As far as your posts, with your writing skills you could even take on the topic of Covid19 and people would love every word. I don't watch tv and my entertainment is crafty blogs and YT, but it has been interesting to hear how others are coping with the stress and the physical isolation, and also hearing that our online "friends" and their families are still healthy. Please don't feel that you can't write about what is happening in the world! With your writing skills, we will all love reading it even if it is depressing!

Jeanne H said...

Thanks, Joan. Stay healthy and keep creating and posting. Oh, and fun card!

Joan B said...

thanks this is a stamp with dots in it.

Leslie Miller said...

Oh, the colors are fabulous! You see stamp sets in a very creative way.

Donut Recipes said...

Appreciaate you blogging this