Feb 6, 2020

Cat Lady

Happy Thursday! Nothing wrong with celebrating a regular day, especially when I'm surrounded by bright sun and no need to cook dinner tonight, right?

If you scroll through my entire history of cardmaking, you are not going to find a lot of animals, particularly cats. I'm afraid that they will scratch me. They sense my fear, so OF COURSE, they make a bee line for me and rub all over me, which causes me to tense up even more.

But, I still think they are cute, so I finally decided to buy a set with a few cute cats, which I paired with a clear embossed background. Colored the edges of the die cuts with a Copic that matched the teal cardstock, something Yana Smakula does. You can see an example here. Love how it makes that white outline disappear. She's one clever cookie.

Maybe I'll get into cute animal cards?

Hero Arts Hearts and Flowers Bold Print
Honey Bee Stamps Oh My Whiskers
My Favorite Things birthday sentiments (can't find it on line)


I went a little dark after I got the good health news -- because I can't just be happy and grateful. No, I had to dwell on the pain of thinking I needed a heart transplant when it turns out I do not. If only my brain just behaved! Luckily, I sulked and whined my way through a few days and came out the happy side.

Hope you are having a good week!


Cat Craig said...

Love cats and the card. And they are stinkers...sidling up when they sense discomfort. Glad you are out on the happy side. I find sulking and whining part of the process of shedding a mood, depression, fear, or anger followed by a good sleep.

I Card Everyone said...

heLLOOO happy side! You've shown no fear here, JB! Totally adorable - LOve the background!
I don't tell many people this, but when I die? Tom will become a Cat Lady - he'd have these four, and four more, if I let him!

Ginger said...

Until your post I never was aware that Yana colored the edges of the die cuts. So clever. Sweet card.

Julie Ebersole said...


Leslie Miller said...

I, for one, love cute animal stamps and I adore these! I've recently realized I go for those with a quirky edge, hmmm. I noticed the embossed background right away because of your great photograph. Joan, you've been on a roller coaster. Some people would just throw up. Glad you came out the happy side.

Sabrina said...

Adorable, cute. NO, not what I've expected from you, but I hope you make plenty more kitty cards. Me, I love them. And I love the way you coloured the edges. For me, white die-cut halos only work on a white base. I prefer to fussy-cut flush to the edge, but if I were a die-cutter, this would be my answer.

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

Totally normal reaction I think Joan. Both the tensing around an animal you don't like, and the coping mechanism your brain used to process the good news on the transplant. You are a kind soul, and if you needed a transplant you probably would have worried for all the people who needed it more than you or wouldn't candidates for it. Allow yourself to be human, as human brains need time to work through heavy, life and death matters. Now me... I had a close call 3 weeks ago with Aspirate Pnuemonia from swallowing a pill down the wrong tube. The older I get the more I swallow wrong. Think my brain forgets mid-swallow what it was doing! Worst 3 weeks I had in a long time and I'm still coughing up a lung... And, I feel about birds like you do cats... and they know it too! I have a bird magnet!