Sep 10, 2019

Copic Colored Thank You (Power Poppy)

I still had the Power Poppy Strong and Beautiful set on my table, so why not make a couple of more cards? Used a sentiment from Penny Black.

Stamped with Memento and colored with Copics; masked and blended some pale blue ink over the card, particularly near the flowers.

Also colored this with Copics and then colored the background with a blue Copic. I wasn't 100% happy with the background so I blended some blue ink over the background (and a bit of the flowers).

MOOD WHEN DONE:  Happy! I'm not sure about the pink and blue combination. Part of me loves the bright fun colors, and the other part feels like it's too much pastel in one card. Got an opinion?

These both took awhile to make -- but even longer to photograph! All my cards, regardless of light source, camera or phone camera, white settings, etc. have a gray cast. I finally started using the Dodge tool in PicMonkey and my pictures are improving and look more like the cards themselves. It's a work in progress.

In addition to working on photo editing, after years of floundering, I am getting my Copics in shape and using them! Most were dry, and/or the nibs were no longer working well. Little by little, I'm getting reinker$ and new nibs. Focusing on a relatively small number of colors, as trying to collect all of them and keep them all inky is ju$t too much. I'm using colors recommended by Yana Smakula in this post.

Later this week we are going to Fort Worth to see a Monet exhibit. It's the last few days of the exhibit and we would be foolish and sad to miss it, so I am glad we cleared our calendars to make time.

And that's it! Hope you are having a good week.


Betty said...

wonderful copic coloring, Joan - I'm with you about the second card - too much color for me. enjoy the Monet exhibit.

Joan B said...

thanks for your honesty! I really wonder about it. I love a lot of color, but... I think it's a bit much!

Cacia said...

Your coloring and color combos here look really good! I think the vibrancy of the blue is what's competing with the pink in the second card — there's no single strong focal point. The blue background would probably work if it was less saturated or lighter in color. I imagine that if you grayscaled both cards, your first one would have lots of contrast and your second would be a fairly even mid-gray. So I wouldn't say there's too much color, just that there's too much of the same value of color.

Oh goodness, yes, reinkers. Your use of the dollar sign made me chuckle. I discovered just the other day that one of my Copics was completely dry, and I see reinkers looming large in my wallet's future. Yesterday I went ahead and purchased a gram scale to weigh all my markers and see what other dry ones are hiding. At least when purchasing Copic products it's not hard to get free shipping?

Yay for Monet! I hope you enjoy the exhibit and feel inspired.

Joan B said...

thanks for that analysis of the color issue. it makes sense!!

Leslie Miller said...

Gorgeous! My favorite is the orange. After reading Cacia's comment I have nothing to add because she makes so much sense. Monet, sigh... I envy you. So worth the trip!

Ginger said...

Cacia's analysis brings to mind cards I have made that are similar to yours.This post was very educational. Looking forward to seeing a card inspired by Monet.Thank you for sharing.

Nancy said...

Your cards made me go WOW. The coloring is gorgeous. I always love your posts....