Jun 5, 2019

Where I Chat About Math on The Foiled Fox Blog...

I made a couple of cards a few weeks ago and, yeah, they are on The Foiled Fox blog today.

I talk about the differences in these cards, how math and design intersect, and generally overthink both cards ... would love if you checked out my post.



  1. gorgeous. heading over. hope you are recovering.

  2. I like the one with the dots the best. I don't care if it has 4 flowers, it is more balanced, and I like the colors. Thanks for all you teach us.

  3. always, ALWAYS love your posts, Joan

  4. I left a comment on Foiled Fox. It's always worth the time to read your posts, Joan.

  5. While I normally go with "odd" numbers for balance, there are times when you just gotta break the rules to get the right finish. As long as your eyes are happy when they look upon it, that's proof your instincts were on the money. ;) I like both designs, but the first one made my eyes feel happier. •chinkle•

  6. Your first one is my favorite. I like that there is a bit more color (the purple) and the sentiment is less crowded and the dots give it a playful feel. With all that going for it, the even number of flowers isn't noticed, unless one counts :)
    Nice job!
    Lu C

  7. Oh my goodness!! I can't pick a favorite, both are beautifully created, the colors are lovely and the design showcases these sweet flowers perfectly.
    Thank you for sharing with us at THE FLOWER CHALLENGE, hope you play again soon.


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