Feb 8, 2019

Learning Through Inspiration: Laura Bassen (Day Two)

This is part of a series on improving my card making by studying other designers' cards. If you're unfamiliar with this series, you can find more about it here.


You can find Laura's blog post and video on making this beautiful card, and another one, on the Simon Says Stamp blog here

  • I wanted to try and recreate a card made by Laura so I needed a card that included products that I already had (or something similar). I have 2 sets of hexagon dies (don't ask) and I really wanted to use them. 
  • Making cards is about design + execution. I wanted to take design out of the equation and work just on execution. Could I make a geometric card that was as precise as Laura's? I have hexagon dies and some sentiment dies so I figured this would be a good card to try and recreate. 
  • Laura tucked that white on black sentiment strip right under the large script hello.
  • I liked the color combination. In her video, Laura discussed using colors that were new to her.  I'll get to those colors below.

  • Making a copy, or almost copy, of someone else's card helped me focus on techniques -- blending, placing those hexagons, etc. Very valuable experience!
  • If Laura did not make a video showing how she made her card, I'd charge her with fake card making! HA! Laura used Press'n Seal. She laid out the hexagons, covered them with the Press'n Seal, placed the pieces of foam tape on each hexagon, and then picked up all the hexagons at once. It worked like a charm. 
  • Since it looked so easy, I went out and bought some Press'n Seal. I laid out the hexagons, and as soon as I put the Press'n Seal over them, the hexagons flew all over. I guess it was some type of static cling effect. 
  • I laid out the hexagons again, and this time, no they did not leap up, but the hexagons did not stick to the wrap.
  • So I laid out the hexagons again, and put the Press'n Seal over them. But this time I rubbed the plastic wrap over each hexagon with the end of a paintbrush handle, sealing the wrap to the hexagons. This worked. However, I forgot to put the foam tape on each hexagon, so after I placed them on the card and lifted up the Press'n Seal, they flew all over. Again.
  • Clearly operator error -- I'm going to master Press'n Seal one of these days. However, I ended up hand placing each hexagon one by one, and was happy with the result.
  • Laura used a narrower sentiment. I love the one I used, but it looks a bit too wide for a portrait shaped card. The"hello" die Laura used looks better, and the placement of her sentiment below fits better. I'll be more careful next time to pick a sentiment die that is more proportional and an additional sentiment that fits a bit better. 
  • If I remake the card, I'd lower the "Many Thanks" sentiment just a bit.
  • Laura explained in her video that she purposely used a different color palette. While I don't have the Distress Oxide colors that she used, I tried a bunch of different green/blue combinations and they didn't work out as I don't have enough of a range of colors from light to dark. Even with the card I made, I wish I used colors with a bit more contrast. I'll keep that in mind the next time I blend a variety of colors on a piece of cardstock.
My supplies:

Little B hexagon dies; Distress Oxide inks (Picked Raspberry, Abandoned Coral, and Fossilized Amber); Essentials by Ellen Many Thanks die (appears to be retired); Altenew Many Thanks set (used part of a sentiment); white and black card stocks, foam tape; and Wow Bright White Superfine Embossing Powder.

MOOD WHEN DONE: Happy! I enjoyed making this card and pretty much like how it came out. It took forever to make because of the mistakes I made, and because I was interrupted by participating in the clinical trial of a drug that I mentioned before. Yesterday I learned that I may not be able to participate in the trial -- basically your heart has to meet certain criteria and mine is off by a few points on one test. Frustrating! I'll know for sure next week. 


Betty said...

what a fun, fantastic card, Joan - love the colors you chose - i think i have some hexagon dies too (not used in years!) - might have to CASE you! hope the clinical trial thing will work for you - fingers crossed.

ddc designs said...

I think your card is beautiful, lovely colours! Unfortunately we don't have press and seal here, so I'd be placing them one by one as well! All in the fun of card making :). Cheers, Dotty

Cat Craig said...

I love your card Joan, I like the smoothness of the color on the hexagons. I have found using press and seal if I pull and stretch it just a bit before placing it down on my crafty bits it seems to prep the sticky-ness. Then just a quick hand over the whole thing secures it.

Cacia said...

Having Press'n Seal displace all the tiny pieces you've just spent eons arranging to perfection is one of the most exasperating things! I'm glad you persevered—the finished card looks great. It makes me want to break out my hexagon dies too and give the design a spin.

Leslie Miller said...

Okay, I won't ask about the hexagon dies. As soon as you mentioned Press 'n Seal I pictured exactly what you described. Ack! Suppose you could brush the paper with a fabric softener sheet before cutting, but not sure if it would help. Guess I'll have to watch the video. It's pretty hard to totally CASE a card when you don't have the exact same supplies, but your card is thoroughly CASEworthy on its own. I love both cards. Wondering if I need to finally get some Distress Oxides for blending pretty backgrounds.

Suzanne Russell said...

Great card, Joan! I'm kind of glad to hear that your first attempt with Press "N Seal happened as it did-same for me! I'm better at it now though. This is such a great series. thanks, again!

Vicki Dutcher said...

This is a fun series. Your card is amazing, with perfect placement by hand! I love the press and seal - it has saved me a lot of time!

Ginger said...

Very well done!! If it had been me, I would not have persevered. The series has been very helpful and entertaining. Hope everything works out next week. Take good care.

Diana K said...

It's a smashing card, Joan! Love the gorgeous colour and graphic goodness. Soon after watching someone use Press N Seal for the first time, I happened to be at Costco and they were demonstrating the product and it was on sale and, yes, I bought a lifetime supply. I tried it and had the same problems you did! I've used it a few times and it got easier (I find it's not really sticky enough) but I always forget about it. I don't think there is any danger of me running out of it anytime soon. :)

TK said...

Beautiful! I love it all! You might have critiques, but it truly is gorgeous and is stunning in it's own right! Prayers for your heart <3

Ann Martin said...

Your card looks wonderful!

Karen @ Misplaced Mojo said...

I too have Press'n Seal issues! I didn't have static like you... (maybe geographic weather differences?) but mine was too sticky and the die cuts wouldn't come off without major efforts, and it left a weird residue on them!!! I only tried it on that one card and haven't had time to go back and figure out if it was user error. I was also happy to hear someone else say that CASEing someone else's card isn't as easy as you'd think it would be! And, I want to thank you for not being afraid to post a card with a retired product!!! I have heard other bloggers say they spent a day making a card, went to post it and when attaching links they realized something was retired, and did a whole NEW card for the post/hop/etc! Grrr! Not only frustrating to the cardmaker but the rest of us still want to see it, especially if we too are owners of the retired product in question. I've been trying to make an effort to comment and thank bloggers who use older product and not just the latest release from each company out there. So, thank you!!! Loving this series so much!!! We're all benefiting from your experiments!

Glorie said...

Loving this series, Joan. Thank you for sharing your insights and thought process.

Meredith said...

I often look to cards I live to jump-start creativity because I don't stamp as frequently as I once did... and I agree, it forces me to try techniques I might not normally notice, and it pushes me to stretch my supplies too! I live your card and all the points your raised about what you might change did not jump out at all to me; it looks perfect how it is!

Daria said...

I love your entire series of Learning Through Inspiration. I enjoy your observations and the way you go about recreating a card. I think you are a bit too hard on yourself. For example, I think the message is more important than just the right size and placement. Your card looks great! Now, I am wondering if I have any hexagons among my dies. Off to check it out! Thank you.