Jan 2, 2019

Got Goals?

Happy 2019!

Hope the new year is kind to you and your loved ones.

We had a quiet start to the year -- playing board games and cooking. Not bad, and better than I expected as 2018 ended with a short hospital stay for me (I couldn't walk due to sudden new leg pain). But I'm fine now (medical stuff is truly a mystery) and they found what is wrong (for which I am so grateful). Looking forward to avoiding that type of pain in the future!

So I have some goals for 2019 (the common thread is to get out of my rut), and thought I'd share and come back next year and see if I met any of them. Would love for you to share yours!

1. Try out a new recipe every week.  

My son gives me cookbooks for my birthday and Christmas (this year a new cheesecake pan and soup and cheesecake cookbooks.) I used to make fun of my mom for making the same 5 meals her entire life, but I've fallen into that same habit, so I think he is sending me a message. 

Let's see if I can make 52 new-to-me meals. I started New Year's with a great Mulligatawny Curry Soup recipe. It was a fair amount of work, but worth it.  

2. Do something positive in the political realm. 

I'm tired of listening to myself complain about politics and want to do something to move this country in the direction I think it needs to be going. Not sure where to start, but anything is better than nothing.

3. Reach out and do something nice for someone once in a while. 

The other day a wonderful couple came over and brought me flowers because they knew I had been in the hospital. That's the type of thing that I wouldn't have thought to do. I might have sent flowers or a card, but it took time for them to buy them, text me, and drop by. So kind, and it meant so much. I need to think of others more often and then follow through.

4. Go someplace new in Dallas every week.

The city is full of places to go and I'm hoping to venture out every week. We've barely scratched the surface of this city, and we need to push ourselves to get out more. 

That's it for me. I have no stamping goals, other than to continue to enjoy the hobby. 

How about you?


SmilynStef said...

I have plans to embrace water coloring. I don't really see myself painting free-hand, but I'd like to do backgrounds & paint stamped images. I also want to embrace movement and cleaner eating more ... my word for 2019 is nourish.

judkajudi said...

So sorry about the hospital stay, but glad you have answers. I just hope to be mindful of and appreciate the present. No worry, no regret. Like you, hope to brighten the day for someone when I can … I challenge myself to maintain a positive attitude and accept my limitations. Happy New Year.

yetosuhi said...

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Joan B said...

ooh love to see your watercoloring!! and nourish is such an interesting word. so full of meanings!! good luck

Joan B said...

sounds like a great plan!

Cheryl Robertson said...

Hi Joan! Happy New Year! Sorry you ended 2018 in the hospital. Glad they were able to figure out your leg pain. Seems like the older I get the more strange pains I have.
My goal this year is fitness. I’m 100 pounds overweight and very inactive which has led to many health issues. So, I started weight watchers on Monday. So hard - didn’t realize how crappy I really was eating. As soon as my cold goes away, I’m going to start walking. I’m determined to get in better shape!
And, I’m going to adopt one of your goals and get out to do something nice for someone.

Leslie Miller said...

Gosh, Joan, that's not a very fun way to wrap up 2018. I'm glad your leg pain was explained and you learned how to avoid it in the future, but I hope it's nothing worrisome. Your goals are admirable and the recipes sound fun. At this point my goals only reach into the immediate future, and there's nothing very selfless on the agenda. The usual cleaning and decluttering of every room, and good intentions regarding all the not-yet-used stuff in my stamp room. My one goal that will probably take the whole year is to scan all the old scrapbook pages I made during that phase and turn them into Shutterfly photo books. They'll take up much less room and look nice. Dated, but, hey, that happens. Fun to look through! Actually, that job is part of the decluttering, which is something I do all the time, anyway, probably to a fault. Maybe my goal should be to write shorter blog comments, sheesh. Happy new year!

Marie said...

One of my goals is probably the same as most papercrafters and crafter. Organize! I've started and I'm making progress. Another is to make something holiday crafty each month for my home. I need some new decor.

Last year's goal was to lose 25 pounds. This year's is to work on the 14 that didn't come off with last year's goal. Eating healthy and more exercise is part of that goal.

Cheryl, (above commenter) You just keep trying. You CAN do it and a just a daily walk will help.

Hope your health is better this year Joan!!!