Jul 3, 2018

Review: Fun Stampers Journey New Catalog

Disclaimer: I'm not a demonstrator (they call them coaches) for Fun Stampers Journey and I have no affiliation with the company but I need something to do so why not opine on this catalog?  

Our house is going on the market next week and, with all my prized stamping supplies packed up and in storage, I've got time on my hands. And one of the things I've been doing, other than constantly looking online at houses in Dallas, and turning off the TV, is keeping an eye on the stamping industry.

I saw a link to the new Fun Stampers Journey catalog (it went live on July 1) on Laura Williams' blog. Laura is not a coach for the company, but does design and concept work for it. Her blog is full of beauty.

So back to the catalog. Don't know about you but I love a stamping catalog just for the fun of paging through it. I remember getting the Stampin Up catalog and putting post it notes all over. It went everywhere with me -- car pool line, doctor's waiting room. I miss those days.

While I don't have the FSJ paper catalog (yet) I took some time to browse the online version. There's a lot to like!  Here are a few of my favorites:

BDay Wall  $14.95 p. 186  I love sentiment stamps that fill up an entire card front. The font in this one is fun, and I love how the sentiment bleeds just slightly off the page. Plus, the price is only $14.95 for a full size stamp. If I could only buy one thing in the FSJ catalogue, this would be it. In fact, I will buy it if we ever get to Dallas. 

Tropical Beauty  $14.95  p. 42 This beautiful image also fills up an entire card front at a great price. It requires no coloring and should make a gorgeous card. I think it would work particularly well for a sympathy card. On my list.

Thread Sketch $14.95 p. 115 This is a fun background. I love the idea of embossing it and watercoloring it with different colors. If you already have a set with wonky circles you could make your own background, but this is an fast and easy way to get a fun background.

Enchanted Cat   $18.95 p. 93  This fresh set also comes as a bundle with a set of dies and the price of the bundle is $39.50. (I waver on buying matching dies because they are so expensive and how many times will I use them?) So I'm not sure on the dies, but the stamps are on my definite list -- love that cat and the flowers and the sentiments. It's different from anything else I have. Those flowers would make a great background or one alone could carry a card.

Journey Glaze and Applicator Tips  $9.95 and $5.95  Ok, so I have a pet peeve. Glossy Accents and everything else similar I've tried clog and I end up throwing the bottles over the side of our 4th floor terrace. I finally stopped buying any shiny glazy thing. But it's a great product. So I'm willing to try this one -- at least Fun Stampers Journey tells you up front that your bottle may clog and here are some extra tips you can buy when that happens. Thank you for your honesty!

I'll let you know if this is worth it but I figure since I've already invested $10,000 in Glossy Tossy Accents and its progeny, what's another $20??


As I said at the beginning, I have no affiliation -- just helping to feed the beast! If you are interested in buying anything from FSJ, you'll need to find an FSJ coach (search on its website).


Laura Williams said...

Joan I LOVE your favorite picks! What a great post! Thanks for sharing in our excitement over the new catalog!
I learned an awesome tip about our Journey Glaze...and I bet it would work with Glossy Accents too... when you finish using it each time, burp the bottle, by squeezing it (I usually hold a tissue or baby wipe to catch any spillage that comes up.) Almost every time, it’s free of clogs the next time I pick it up.

Melissa said...

I have their Thread Sketch background stamp already. It's awesome!!

maria f. said...

Well now that all looks quite fun. Thanks for liftin up the rock I've been living under.

Julia said...

Very cute! I have a coach who lives not far from me. She used to be a TAC consultant until they went under. I know she loves selling FSJ.

Betty said...

never heard of this company, but am anxious to have a look. my daughter lives in cedar hill (little south of arlington) and it's a lovely area with lots of trees and near a lake.

Rachel Brumley said...

Hi Joan
I have followed your blog for years and have enjoyed it. Thank you so much for the critique of some of our awesome products from the FSJ catalog. I would like to send you a catalog (no strings attached!) as a way to thank you for all the inspiration you given me over the years. There is nothing like flipping through a hard copy of a catalog looking at all the beautiful cards created by the artists such as Laura Williams. Please let me know if you are interested.

MA said...

Thanks for enabling, Joan. I've heard of FSJ, but never took the time to look...love the birthday and string background stamps. Good price point, too. Now to look at the catalog.

Leslie Miller said...

I don't know how you stay on top of all the newest things, but you do, so my job is easy. Interesting! I, too, love all the things you linked to and more. Some of the things I would choose are already on back order... and they just started July 1st? A catalog would be fun. I sure love the cover. Thanks, Joan!

Laura Williams said...

So glad you enjoyed checking out the FSJ catalog Leslie! Not everything in the catalog is brand new, so it’s possible some of your favorites have been around for a bit, (and are apparently much loved by many!!) We work hard with our vendors to keep our stock on point! Thanks for taking some time to look around! ��

Joan B said...

good to know! thanks