May 5, 2018


Thought I'd explain the blog silence to come.

I'm away from home helping out with Mike's mom, so there won't be any posts here for a few days or more (not sure).  And my monthly column with Right at Home will be delayed. 
Life happens, doesn't it?

Before I left, I did a "deep clean" of my craft room. So satisfying. Found just a few things that I have no memory of buying, didn't not find my missing scissors (they must have landed in my wastepaper basket at one point), and found one missing clear stamp. To a non stamper this is crazy stuff, but for us, this is big! 

Set aside a large pile of things to give away, so stay tuned for that.

I'm missing Mike, whose home guarding my supplies. Otherwise, I'm good. Hope to be back with cards and talk soon!


Betty said...

taking care of Mike's mom is way more important than any blog post - will look forward to seeing you back whenever - i'm doing the deep clean out and better organizing too - and i've found things and i think "why did i ever buy that"????

Jennifer Scull said...

My prayers are with all of you as you are away from home and helping Mike's mom. Spending time with her is most important of all right now.

Good for you on the craft room clean! I have to do the same thing, but first need to relocate the lovely little squirrel who's decided he loves my room as much as I do. Yes, life does get interesting! Problem is that he has developed a literal taste for my ribbons. After going through the potpourri...did i mention interesting yet?! My cat and dog just want to make friends with him when they go into the room. That's the problem with having the Disney Princess role model syndrome - you end up with all of these beautiful woodland creatures that settle in and make their home with you! Ha!

Take care and know that we are all thinking of you and your family.

vdoyle8 said...

Wishing you the best with your mother-in-law. That's important work and time well spent. I hope all goes well.
I just did a deep clean of my craft room. My 6 stampy friends and I did a big garage sale and I made $465! And I still have way too much stuff. It felt great to do the cleaning and reorganizing.

Leslie Miller said...

Life sure does happen. I hope everything's okay. Ah, the deep clean... love it! I feel another purge coming on.

Meg M. said...

I hope Mike's mom is okay and that your time together goes as smoothly as possible. I love that you found all sorts of treasures when you cleaned up the craft cave. I look forward to seeing what you share when you return. Safe travels.

luvhymns said...

Do the best you can. Breathe.... love when I find that missing clear stamp. Drove me nuts for about 2-3 weeks. So I hear you, loud and clear! Hugs to you and your MIL from Woodsboro, MD