Apr 19, 2018

More Birthday Balloons and Falling Off the Wagon

Now you are probably thinking -- this is simple. Must have been fast to make.

Au contraire.

Watercolored the panel (watercolor paper) with a wash made with an blue Adirondack reinker. Let dry and stamped the sentiment. Hand drew the balloons and watercolored them purple.

Purple balloons?

Made a huge mess withe purple, and the balloons were too small, so I drew some balloons on some scrap watercolor paper that I had already painted yellow. They were still too small. So I did it again. Added an orange wash over the yellow balloons, cut them out, and adhered.

Then I decided that I should have drawn the balloons on unpainted watercolor paper so that white peeked out, not yellow, but by then I was like "I'm done; it is good enough." Sometimes you just have to stop ruining paper and let it go.

Wanted the tie around the strings to be orange, so I dabbed some water over it and lifted off the blue ink, and then colored it with the nib of an orange Tombow marker.

MOOD WHEN DONE:  I'm good! Hope you are too. Have a good weekend! My craft room is a complete disaster. I've kept it relatively clean for awhile now, but I fell off the wagon. 

Speaking of falling off the wagon, did you know that that phrase comes from a time in Merry Olde England when they were carting people off to the gallows on a wagon, and people would line the streets offering them liquor. The doomed would literally fall off the wagon to get a sip. 

And really, it is time to call it a day.


Starla said...

Great card! It can be frustrating when a “simple” card becomes a pain in the rear!!

And I learned something new today in your fact tidbit. I will admit that now I have the Monty Python movie line going through my head (when they are gathering up the “dead”) “I’m not dead yet!! Really! I’m feeling much better now!” 😜

Leslie Miller said...

Your story is all too familiar as I've had many different versions of same. I like the effect of orange on yellow, as well as the splotchy coloring and the uneven lines. It all looks like it was meant to be. I also love the blue background, stopping part way with the sentiment at the lower edge intersecting the balloon strings. I need to clean up my room and stay out of it for a while, I think.