Mar 16, 2018

Totally Graphic

A friend of mine, a doctor, was explaining to me how hard doctoring is nowadays. She hates sitting in front of the her computer checking boxes and not looking at her patients. She hates arguing with insurance companies and hates being pressured to see more and more patients. She's tired.

She told me that she rarely gets a thank you card from a patient, but loves when she does.  So, I said to myself, hey cardmaker, how about making and sending a thank you card to your doc?

Whenever I'm sending a card to someone who isn't crafty, or doesn't already tolerate my crafty cards, I want something homemade, but not too crafty. I hope this makes sense.

So I did what I always do when I'm stuck, and stole an idea from someone else.

In this case, I stole this great card from Almost Makes Perfect.  I didn't want to just print it out, so I used Altenew's Invisible Alphabet Set to make my own. After I made the black and white one, I used various Distress Oxide inks to make a rainbow colored version.

If you want to create something like this, plan it out on a stamp positioner or block, and stamp a sample on scrap or copy paper to make sure you like where each letter is placed. Otherwise, super simple.

MOOD WHEN DONE:  Fantastic. Having a good week and looking forward to a simple weekend. Hope yours rocks.


Cacia said...

Ooh, this is clever. Going straight to my inspiration file! Making cards for one's doctors is such a good idea too—I wonder why it has never occurred to me. Thanks for sharing both the card and the prompt.

Anonymous said...

Can you tell us more about this? I'd want to
find out more details.

vdoyle8 said...

Love this! I have this set and it has yet to see ink. Thank you for the inspiration.

Leslie Miller said...

There's that incredibly cool alphabet set again. This time I bookmarked it. How do you even find these blogs? I had to go look. So modern and urban (the blogger's style) and, frankly, I love it. Same goes for your card. True about keeping it simple for the non-crafty types.